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5 Dishes You Should Include During Noche Buena For Your Pets!

5 Dishes You Should Include During Noche Buena For Your Pets!

Are you ready for Christmas eve? Don’t make the fun exclusively for hoomans and let your pet join in the holiday festivities. So, let me share a few dishes that you could serve during Noche Buena and share with your beloved furballs.

5 Dishes You Should Include During Noche Buena For Your Pets!

mashed potatoes

Potato is a good source of fiber for your pets, but other than that. It serves no substantial nutritional value. But they sure make a good snack! Treat your furbaby this season and share this Noche Buena side dish. Make sure to give them lightly-seasoned taters because over-seasoned meals might be tasty but no fun for your pet’s tummy! 


I mean, what is there to hate about corn? #itscorn! Make sure to serve corn that isn’t on the cob for your pets. Gnawing on the cob is not so Christmas-y and it’ll take effort for your pet to get that juice! Again, you can lightly season it with salt and butter to make it a tasty Noche Buena treat for your fur baby.

roast chicken

Chimken is a classic pet favorite which makes chicken roast one of the best pet-friendly meals for Noche Buena. Hot take: the skin is the best part of the chicken. If you think the same, good news for you! You should only be serving the lean parts of the chicken meat to your pet. Saving that savory skin all for you!

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mashed calabasa

The same as mashed potatoes, see to it that mashed Calabasas are lightly seasoned. It makes the perfect pet-friendly appetizer for your pooch, and it’s a fancy alternative to taters.

fruit salad

Practically speaking, fruit salad is safe for pet consumption. (Unless you’re one of them odd folks who put grapes or raisins on their salads) Not only is that a crime against humanity, but it’s also a crime against your pet. Since grapes and raisins are poisonous to most pets. If you share a bowl of fruit salad with your pet, make sure you made it pet-friendly! #freetheraisins

So, share the holiday spirit with your furbabies and let us know which one you will be serving for your dear ones!

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