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Exploring Baguio City like a local

Exploring Baguio City like a local

The City of Pines is well-loved because of its scented chilly air, scenic mountains, and cool climate. However, Baguio’s mysterious yet relaxing ambiance is often not seen nor felt because of the tourist influx. Heavy traffic and expensive transient accommodations are usual scenarios for tourists during holidays. But then, fear nothing as we are not talking about visiting the city as a tourist on holiday. It is not about visiting the crowded Burnham Park. Neither the overpriced rates for boating nor the traffic in Camp John Hay.

A local’s guide that could take you around the city is the best option to explore and experience Baguio’s best. There is more to Baguio than strawberries, peanut brittle, and its cold weather. It gets pretty interesting when you try and explore as a local.

Patronizing local food

Most eateries in Baguio offer dishes that can be brought to different provinces. The pinikpikan, pigar-pigar, and sinanglaw are local cuisines that should be patronized. Dagupan’s pigar-pigar is a classic chewy and gummy beef strips with cabbage, onions, and greens. Sinanglaw originated in Ilocos, but this stew is best for hangovers in the cold mornings of Baguio. Its tasty soup and tendons that melts in the mouth will make you feel better. The Cordillera’s famous pinikpikan has kini-ing that adds a smokey flavor. It gives the chicken a broth of rich and burnt flavor. These dishes can be easily found in small eateries often visited by taxi drivers and vendors. Like the Kanyaw Cafe and Restaurant near Lourdes Grotto and Edsyl Canteen and Refreshment on Palma Street.

Interesting nightlife

If you must know, Baguio has lively nightlife. Bars, clubs, and other nightlife venues are affordable. You don’t have to spend too much to enjoy a cold night. The best part is that the bars and pubs are just a walking distance from each other. If you want to take a breather and have chill-numan, visit The Camp in Leonard Wood. It is a four-story building that caters to 3 different bars on every floor; Joint, Ampersand, and Hardin.

If you want to vibe with country songs while drinking craft beers, visit Baguio Craft Brewery. They are well-loved for their refreshing and unique beers. Say less if you are in the mood for a party with bright lights and tall cocktails. Basmnt, Spade Superclub, and Concoctions are places to be. It is also essential to recharge after a long and tiring week when our social battery runs out. Drop Out, Recess, and Lockdown Bar offer beer and good food for a great recharge.

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Try Bowling

Are you into bowling or billiards? Puyat Sports, located on the 5th floor of Baguio Center Mall, is a good place to catch up with friends. They have cheap bowling rates compared to the ones in the mall, and their service is commendable too. It is advisable to wear socks when you come to the place because you will be renting bowling shoes. They also have disco bowling on weekends making your visit more exciting. Beers and appetizers are also available hype your bonding with either family or friends.

Visit creative cafes/ restaurants

Baguio undeniably offers both good food and rich culture. You can enjoy both when you visit Ili-likha Artist Village on Assumption Road. The place is a rare gem created by Kidlat tahimik, who wants to give space to local artists. It will satisfy your soulful cravings thru an appreciation of artistry with fair prices of unique and creative dishes. It is a hidden paradise tucked into the busy streets of Baguio. Its picturesque corners await to be discovered, and your tastebuds will enjoy the variety of cuisines. Another restaurant in the city is Oh My Gulay, located on the 5th floor of the La Azotea Building, Upper Session Road. Kidlat Tahimik also founded it, and the profit is being used to fund Victor Oteyza Community Art Space.

Baguio has a creative and rich cultural heritage that is thriving. Food and nightlife will never disappoint as malty beers go well with its savory dishes on nighttime and cold mornings. Baguio is green with many unique experiences beyond the usual well-loved tourist spots. You no longer have to wait for a holiday to visit Baguio. The other side of this well-loved city awaits to be discovered and explored.

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