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Fried Rice Supremacy: My favorite fried rice dishes

Fried Rice Supremacy: My favorite fried rice dishes

It may be another personal bias of mine. But, I do think fried rice is the best food in the world. The meal itself can be served as a full meal or as a side dish. The dish can be seen across the globe with different approaches and interpretations. With that said, let me share why I think fried rice is supreme.

Fried Rice Supremacy: My favorite fried rice dishes

Chao Fan

Of course, chao fan has to be on the list. Who does not love the Chinese version of it packed with ground pork or beef sauteed in very high heat? Other than the proteins, different vegetables like water spinach, carrots, and green peas can be added to the dish. 

What I love the most about chao fan is the smokey flavor it has coming from the pan. Commonly known as Wok hay, chao fan brings that smokey yet savory taste to the dish. Other people would tend to add eggs to their dishes. However, the dish itself can satisfy any person on its own.

Garlic Fried Rice

Garlic fried rice is a food that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. That is how good garlic fried rice is. However, if you are not an avid fan of garlic in general, the dish may not be up to your liking as well. 

A sunny-side-up egg or even a scrambled one suits perfectly with any garlic-fried rice out there. Most importantly, the dish requires a small number of ingredients and cooking skills in order to make it. It is that simple to make it at your own home. 

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Egg Fried Rice

Imagine a humble dish like egg fried rice now popularly known all over the world with different interpretations and techniques. For me, the dish itself can primarily be elevated. Being too overcomplicated with the ingredients and techniques can not be necessary. The simple dish can satisfy anyone who wants a perfect rice meal in their day. 

Pair up this perfect dish together with local favorites like tuyo, dilis, or any dried seafood treats available in the market. For sure, you will enjoy a hearty meal that will satisfy all your cravings for any rice meal. Open up and try different versions of it in your own kitchen. 

It may be a humble dish. But, fried rice certainly is a well-recognized dish around the world. It would not have many interpretations across the globe if it is not a delicious meal. As the culinary world is changing, dishes would also join the tide of waves. Experiment and try out your own dish recipe at your home.

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