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A letter to my constants

A letter to my constants

Constants is a substitute term for best friends. Obviously, these are the persons that you can always count on and trust anytime and anywhere. It may be a family member, maybe a relative, a cousin or even a childhood friend.

Most of the time when we speak about our constants, we label them as our ride or die. However, life is sometimes unfair yet so truthful. As time passes by, we and our constants will honestly be separated and will live far away from each other. It is not always good time since as we age, we also have to deal with our personal life.

Today, as I write this letter, I want you all to know that having a long-distance friendship is hard. It’ll challenge you all, but it will help you realize a lot of things. To my constants, thank you for making my life not better but the best. This article is for both of you.

Big thanks for being an all-time believer and supporters.

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In this world we live in, it is too disappointing to see how people doesn’t find enough support from their homes. However, when you have your own constants, you don’t need to worry for that. In fact, when you have them, you hit the jackpot since these people will serve as your all time believer and supporter. May it be in regards with your personal life, your love life or on how you make your own decisions from time to time.

Big thanks for being my half-sisters.

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Sisters by heart, not by blood — that is how most of us describe our constants. With all the bond we cherish, enjoy and made, it is not surprising to see them as our own siblings. During these instances, you doesn’t only get a friend but also a sister not only that time but for life.

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Big thanks for being my safest place.

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In today’s generation where anything around the globe can cause anxiety, depression, pain and even stress, it is so hard to find and seek for help. However, given the fact that anyone of us, whether young or old can become someone’s safe place, it is a must for us to have a constant person in our life. Needing them during our most difficult times isn’t that difficult since when you have them, they’ll offer you a new home ~ a place where you can be comfortable and free in this world full of negativities.

I am beyond lucky having the best constants in the world. I may not say it out loud since I’ve never been this vocal before our personal life tear us apart but, I want the both of you to know that I miss you. Each and every memory we had to be specific, may it be good or bad, I miss it. To be honest, I just wish we can still continue it when both of you got home.

To my OG’s, Cassy and Sandy, thank you for being my all-time believer, supporter, half-sister, and my safest place. You guys make my world near to perfect, so please be back soon. I love you and I miss you.

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