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Stray Kids Found: A raid on their recently launched IG accounts

Stray Kids Found: A raid on their recently launched IG accounts

As a treat for their ever-supportive Stays, six among the eight members of Stray Kids (SKZ) opened their personal accounts on Instagram. This is one of their biggest surprise for the fans, embarking a new milestone on their fifth anniversary.

Finding Stray Kids is now easier with their recent initiative to get closer to the Stays. Know where to follow them and give their first posts some love!

SKZ Bangchan (@gnabnahc)

Now, with 4.5 million followers, Stray Kids Leader Bang Chan has already shared three posts on Instagram featuring himself and his ever-stylish drips. Moreover his profile picture, a black and white close-up shot, revealing only Chan’s left part of the face thrilled the fans. Stays surely loved this treat from the idol as they welcome the month of August.

In his first post, Bang Chan shared with Stays some of his moments while on his trip. A lot of his supporters found the first photo boyfriend-material with a backshot of him on an intersection, as if taking you to the other side of the road. Chan also gave a minimalist look with his white Givenchy shirt and his iconic black cap.

SKZ Felix (@yong.lixx)

Felix stans, give your loudest cheers! In just more than a couple of week, his followers on Instagram already hit 6 million. Felix keeps on surprising fans with both his fierce face card and his cute photos during mundane moments like eating. Currently, this idol have posted 7 times and Stays are waiting for more.

To say hello for the first time in his personal account, Felix posted a photo of him with a Louis Vuitton-coded outfit. His blue-dyed hair pops out as he wore neutral-color OOTD matched with an LV Camera Box Monogram bag. For sure, Felix will be serving more visuals soon on Instagram.

SKZ Changbin (@jutdwae)

One among the iconic SKZ Trinity 3RACHA, Seo Changbin can now be found on Instagram as Jutdwae. This legendary rapper gained 4.2 million followers while sharing 6 posts featuring himself and other members. Despite his cool visuals, Changbin keeps the Stays thrilled with his cute selca, including his profile picture on IG.

His first personal IG posting was a single photo of him, but it surely made the fans happy that it received almost 3 million likes after being published. Many Changbin stans just can’t get over with his charm and physique, which are obvious as he wore a sleeveless outfit in his first photo. Even another SKZ member, Hyunjin noticed him and left a comment asking Changbin’s name.

SKZ Hyunjin (@hynjinnnn)

It’s your ultimate visual idol in town, Hyunjin! His undeniably captivating face card has already reached the Instagram world through his personal account. He currently followed by 5.6 million IG users. Aside from his pictures, he also included some of his beautiful artworks among the 7 posts his account has at the moment.

Wearing a simple plain black hoodie and a pair of faded jeans, Hyunijn wrote hello to his fans on Instagram. He looked even cooler with his sunglasses on while doing a chill pose. Stays are looking forward for a more aesthetic, cute, and cool Instagram feed from Hyunjin.

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SKZ Seungmin (@miniverse._)

It wasn’t just a simple account, Stray Kids member Seungmin created his own universe in the platform. 4.3 million Instagram users follow this idol on his personal account, which currently features 5 posts that definitely serve visuals. He also promoted his latest content for SKZ RECORD in his personal account, which gained more than 2 million likes.

Meanwhile, his first post showcased Seungmin’s admiration and passion for performance. He shares with Stays monochromatic photos of him sitting on stage while raising a microphone. The fans thanked Seungmin for this treat with almost 3 million likes.

SKZ I.N. (@i.2.n.8)

Stays have nowhere to put their happiness as Stray Kids maknae I.N. posted for the first time on his personal Instagram account. In two weeks, this idol has gained 4.3 million followers while sharing with his fans 6 photos featuring the maknae himself. His feed exudes cuteness overload with him wearing cool outfits while serving cute poses.

Tagged as bread for his cuteness, I.N. owned it in his first post with a caption saying “bread”. While sitting on a corner of a room, this maknae looked like a cute child enjoying his moment with his cute blue and white outfit. Almost 3 million Stays liked this post and left their outpouring love and support for the group’s youngest member.

Meanwhile, other SKZ members like Lee Know and Han haven’t opened their personal accounts yet for several reasons. On the other hand, Stays always find ways to show their love for these brilliant members through expressing their support in the group’s official account featuring them. Stays, watch out! More Stray Kids contents would be cleansing our feed.

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