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Here’s the story behind Celeste Cortesi’s Miss Universe Swimsuit cape

Here’s the story behind Celeste Cortesi’s Miss Universe Swimsuit cape

Here's the story behind Celeste Cortesi's Miss Universe Swimsuit cape

Inspiringly sexy! That’s how to best describe Celeste Cortesi’s swimsuit performance during the Miss Universe 2022 preliminary competition. Strutting in a hot pink bikini, the Filipina beauty definitely lit the stage on fire!

While both the face and curves were serving, the highlight of her performance would have to be her cape. A special addition to this year’s competition, all the contestants were given the chance to personalize their swimsuit capes.

Representing a cause that’s close to her heart, Celeste’s cape takes inspiration from the work she has done involving children’s rights and protection. A creative way of sending a powerful message, Celeste didn’t only understand the assignment but took it to a more meaningful level.

“Imprints in my heart”

With various handprints scattered around the cape, these hands were from the children she encountered while conducting outreach in the war-torn city of Marawi.

Carrying the experience and fueling her to take on the universal stage, Celeste describes her cape as:

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In amplifying the voices of the children who need our help, I wanted to bring them with me on the Miss Universe stage. The imprints all over the cape remind me that having a title means to have a purpose beyond myself. Having talked to some of the mothers of the children beneficiaries, I was reminded of my own Mother who struggled to provide for my sister and I. Unfortunately, there are millions of children who live in poverty, amidst crisis. I hope that it inspires people to donate to Save the Children Philippines. There’s much work to be done and every single person’s help matters.

In collaboration with Save the Children Philippines, Celeste concentrates particularly on addressing the malnutrition and hunger issue. Providing vital resources to the most vulnerable children to help them grow up healthy.

The Miss Universe 2022 preliminary competition took place at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. Celeste is fighting her way to penetrate into the semifinals and hopefully, win our fifth Miss Universe crown.

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