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Celebrate the sweet moments in life with Jacob’s Creek Cherry Red

Celebrate the sweet moments in life with Jacob’s Creek Cherry Red

As the life-changing pandemic also brought about changes in perspective, people have become more grounded and appreciative of what they have. Their social circles may have also evolved into more intimate bubbles. Social circles that prioritize genuine connections with their closest and most trusted loved ones.

This is why whenever those sweet moments go by. It’s always good to enjoy them with family, close friends, colleagues, or your partner—those who matter the most. Whether it’s as substantial as a marriage proposal or as day-to-day as a new food discovery, every sweet moment calls for a toast to a great life. A great way to keep the momentum is quality wine which everyone can enjoy.

Jacob’s Creek Cherry Red

Australia’s No. 1 bottled wine brand

Jacob’s Creek, Australia’s No. 1 bottled wine brand is carried by multinational wine and spirits company Pernod Ricard. They recently launched a fruity red wine called Jacob’s Creek Cherry Red. Breaking away from traditional red wine expectations, this new variant is semi-sweet, approachable, and playful. Its light body and fruity flavour make it less intimidating to those who generally find red wine too bitter.

A whiff of the Jacob’s Creek Cherry Red will give off an aroma of ripe black and red berries with a touch of toastiness from oak. In terms of taste, it lends a touch of juicy plum fruit with a round and sweet finish. It is best enjoyed chilled, either on its own or paired with flavorful Asian dishes. They even have spicy ones for the ultimate balance of taste profiles!

This vibrant wine can be enjoyed by any wine drinker from veterans to first-time experimenters, and can complete those lighthearted, intimate occasions. Customers can be confident to share a bottle while spending quality time with others, or even to wind down by themselves after a long day.

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Last June 2022, Jacob’s Creek Cherry Red was launched in Manila House Private Club, Inc. Jacob’s Creek Wine Ambassador, Billy Brigham, also introduced the new variant where he had wine tasting session with the participant.

Jacob’s Creek Cherry Red is available at leading supermarkets and e-commerce sites and platforms starting at PHP 500.00. For more information, follow Jacob’s Creek on Facebook

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