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What Does The Color Of Your Cat Represent For You

What Does The Color Of Your Cat Represent For You

Are you a cat person? Apparently, cats are known for its symbolism that comes attached to them. As early as 1872, people tried to link their colors and patterns — rather than by its breed — with different personalities and representation

Pet Society Comfort and Care Veterinary Clinic shared the symbolic meaning of each cats fur [color]. What does your cat represent for you? Find out below!

But is there any truth to these feline stereotypes? There’s no hard evidence to back them up, but you can decide for yourself: Check out the different kitty colors, and see if your cat matches up to its description.

Black Cats

The Spruce Pets

In defiance to superstitions, black cats protect our homes.

White Cats

The Spruce Pets

White cats remove our stress and “cure” many illnesses.

Siamese Cats

The Spruce Pets

They bring success, good health, and long life.

Cats With Three Colors


Cats with three [colors] strengthen the bond of a family.

Cats With Two Colors


Meanwhile, cats with two colors share wisdom with its owner.

See Also

Ginger Cats


Cats with orange-like [colors] are endowed with yang energy and attract riches and luck to your home.

Grey and Smoke-colored Cats

The Happy Cat Site

Grey and ash-colored cats bring love, peace, and harmony to your home.

What’s the [color] of your pet? Comment down below!

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