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Parents, we know kids are bored AF, so try these activities at home

Parents, we know kids are bored AF, so try these activities at home

If it’s hard enough for adults to stay sane during this quarantine, then it’s extra difficult for kids with suspended classes to find more things to do while at home. Given their short attention span, parents face the challenge of coming up with paandars to help make the most of their precious time together. You might have browsed Pinterest for the nth time today, checking whether a new easy no-bake recipe was uploaded. Don’t worry, we tried to think of other recreational activities to have the kids involved in!

Board Games

Credit: Family App

Bring them out! All the UNO cards and scrabble which probably caught dust already in cabinets. It’s time to practice your kids’ competence and maybe yours too! We know you missed participating in wholesome games too!

Plus, it will gather the family in one place and mindset!

Catch up on loved ones

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Video call the relatives you don’t talk to too much before. Now is perfect time to ask them how they’ve been and let your kids bond with them virtually.

We’ve read that reconnecting with old friends will help close the distance of isolation.

Start a small book club

Credit: Chicago Parent

Not only does reading make kids smarter, developing it as a habit can show better results. Why not have them talk about the things they learned and their favourite characters? This way, you can have a better picture of the kids’ perspective and what they like about people.

It’s a win-win!

Make chores fun

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Take advantage of their free time to teach them the essential household chores so they come out of this quarantine more responsible! Set rewards for every job well done and who knows? They might eventually do it out of habit!

Arts and crafts

Clyfford Still Museum

The internet is your best friend for now. Search easy art lessons like how to make origami, create postcards, we’re sure you have spare newspapers and old magazines to work out with.

May this article be a reminder that hey, being stuck inside the house is not that bad at all! It’s an opportunity to rest, spend time with family, discover new things, and build better relationships.

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