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Camila Cabello releases ‘Don’t Go Yet” — reveals album name ‘Familia’

Camila Cabello releases ‘Don’t Go Yet” — reveals album name ‘Familia’

Camila Cabello releases new single for the upcoming album Familia

Camila Cabello released her new single today, July 23, Don’t Go Yet. The talented singer also revealed how it is the first track in her upcoming album, Familia.

Camila Cabello releases Don't Go Yet - reveals album name Familia

The Latina singer teased the song earlier this week and later debuted two Easter egg-filled trailers of the music video. In it, the 24-year-old singer drives a vintage car while changing the radio station. The amazing singer was also seen getting whisked away in a joy ride. Then the video zooms out and reveals the miniature, tropical set in a claymation-style edit.

The second clip picks up where the first one left off, where Cabello rings the doorbell to a pink mansion on top of the hill.

A poster of what looked like a telenovela promoting the single read, “Bienvenidos a la Familia.” It translates from Spanish to, “Welcome to the family!”

Camila Cabello releases new single for the upcoming album Familia

Don’t Go Yet becomes the first new music from the singer since the release of her 2019 sophomore album Romance. The album peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard 200.

In various interactions with fans, Camila revealed a few interesting pieces of information about the song, the album, and the music video for Don’t Go Yet.

When a fan asked about any more spoilers, the singer responded by quoting the tweet and said,

“y’all haven’t even figured out the two Easter eggs from the teaser”

However, when a fan responded to the quoted tweet saying that the album name is “Familia,” Camila only answered with the side-eyeing emoji—a possible confirmation.

A few easter eggs that were later revealed happens to be her family members and several collaborators in the music video. This got revealed when a fan asked about some explanation to the easter eggs in the video. Camila quoted the tweet and said,

look for familiar faces in the end of video! You’ll see a lot of my family members; friends; and album collaborators in there [cat with heart eyes emoji]”

Camz even revealed a heartwarming detail. She shared that the voice on the radio is her grandfather. This was in response to a tweet by a fan, curious about more details about the music video.

Camila Cabello releases new single for the upcoming album Familia

Meanwhile, when asked if this was the best project that she’s done so far, Camila confirmed. She said that in this, she…

“…had the most fun making it and have felt the most creatively free – and my collaborators really made that possible too”

Camila also shared an amazing tweet, igniting the fire of fellow Cubans. She talked about how proud she is of Cubans, referring to the crisis happening there, which the singer continuously spoke about in her tweets.

It is regarding the numerous deaths in Cuba because of the lack of medicine, resources, basic necessities, and even food. The statement was written in Spanish and translated into English below. It read,

“Freedom, divine freedom. Today I feel very proud to be Cuban and even more proud of the young Cubans who have taken to the streets and are leading a change. In spite of the repression and in spite of the fear, all of them are fighting for freedom.

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Let us joing our voices to theirs.


Lastly, the singer finally revealed in a tweet that Don’t Go Yet is the first song from her album, Familia. This was indeed a confirmation of the fan’s theory of the album name. Camila shared that the album was inspired by two things: family and food.

However, the singer also acknowledged that not everyone has a blood-related family. She also mentioned chosen families that a person chooses to dine with. She said in a tweet,

“Your family by blood, but also your chosen family. Who you want to sit at the dinner table, get wine-drunk, & dance in the living room with.”

As a person who followed Camila way back in her Fifth Harmony days, I have never been so proud of how she’s grown. I remember hearing her talk about how she wanted to go solo and pursue her own music. She wanted to write and produce her own songs. Now, she’s doing all of this—and yes, already in her third wonderful album.

Camila Cabello is my main pop girl along with Taylor Swift. I can’t help but feel excited for more great things for her. I am pretty sure she will accomplish much more in the future. Let’s all hope this album does great in the charts. But now, it already topped my heart.

This song, and probably the album, is an amazing representation of her culture mixed with her impressive talent. Don’t let that go to waste. It is a celebration of who she is—her music that she so wanted to share with the world.

A ton of people, anti-fans, haters, has always been so harsh to her. She has always received and continues to receive unnecessary hate. They need to cut her some slack. Camila is an amazing artist with a golden heart. Let’s stop attacking her and pitting her against other female artists. Let’s support them altogether.

You can watch the music video below. Let’s stream!


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