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Build your investment portfolio and stay invested to maximize gains


Build your investment portfolio and stay invested to maximize gains

As global stock markets have shown shakiness and post weakening performance, alternative investment channels like peer-to-peer (P2P) lending have stayed in the spotlight. P2P has become a good way to rebalance one’s investment portfolio. Yet like other investments, risks and rewards exist. These need to be carefully weighed if one wants to follow oft-repeated sage investment advice, which is to diversify one’s portfolio in order to spread the risks. Some people move their savings into money market funds. Others invest on tangible things like art, real estate. Or something that people perceived hot like a cryptocurrency.

Build your investment portfolio and stay invested to maximize gains

Look at Your Financial Goals

Both peer-to-peer investing and money market funds offer the upside of better returns than traditional bank accounts. For people looking at saving regularly to have sufficient retirement funds, money market funds may not hit the spot. Other forms of investment may be more suitable.  Money market funds remain considered more for short-term investment goals. Like retirement planning, they do not offer much in terms of capital appreciation. Knowing your financial goal remains the number one key. Especially if you want to know which investment vehicles become the best for you. Aside from that, this way can also help you have the right balance. 

These days, young and old alike, newbies, and seasoned investors have become attracted to new digital assets after bitcoin. One of them, Dogecoin, even sprang in part as a lighthearted joke for crypto enthusiasts. Yet Dogecoin digital coins soared in value and gained more than 5,000 percent in 2021. With no less than business magnate-entrepreneur Elon Musk and lots of millennials in the Philippines and across the world became among the supporters.  It illustrates that investors with cash surpluses are gravitating to non-traditional assets. Even if both risks and potential rewards became high. Knowing your risk tolerance has become another important element to be happy with, not anxious, about your investments. 

Unfortunately, sometimes the roller-coaster movement of the stock market does not seem suitable for you. There are options like peer-to-peer investing that can make your money grow without causing undue stress. Moderate inflation and the global health crisis may have prompted you to invest your money today. If that’s the case, you cannot go wrong with reliable non-traditional investment vehicles. You shouldn’t let a down economy drastically erode the purchasing power of your savings. You can use the power of compounding interest to grow your available funds. The other advice money-smart people offer is not to wait until something threatens your financial state. And, invest now to reap gains as time goes by.

Spot Good Opportunities to Make Your Money Grow 

There are many ways to generate income streams. Among the surefire money earners, these days are service-oriented franchise ventures. Like, cleaning services and small food franchise operators. Investment in a franchise is a great way to diversify one’s investment portfolio. You just need to be ready to be a hands-on business manager to have ample cash at hand or capitalization. Of course, this is where a peer-to-peer funding platform comes in. It assists both investors and borrowers. 

In effect, P2P loans can drive the economy. Since they can provide aspiring entrepreneurs, the fresh capitalization they require to get their businesses up and running. If you happen to be an investor, three tips can help you as you move along in your investment journey.  

First, do not be in a rush in putting all your money in one investment type or in just one basket. Remember to diversify. Second, show prudence and have patience. Staying invested rather than quickly withdrawing funds can have payoffs. Third, if you have directed your sights – and funds – on a trusted P2P funding platform like, do reinvest the interest payments you earn.

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Your peer-to-peer investment can serve as a form of passive income – you let your money grow, even as you sleep.  As more people these days have found greater time on their hands but with less money, a tried-and-tested passive income earner can be very helpful. Having a passive income is way much better than working the daily grind until you reach retirement age or until your last breath.

With P2P investing, most investors get to pick which companies or individuals they lend to, with a secure online platform providing the borrower profiles in a neat, easy-to-view manner. To ensure minimum risk to lenders, P2P platforms have their own credit application criteria.

Most lenders exercise their keen judgment and are also aided in making more informed decisions. Satisfied P2P lenders note generating returns of over five percent a year on average across their portfolio, and for many, interest payments have come through on time. If you look around you, building wealth is no longer for the moneyed class. You need not make a hefty amount as an executive, nor inherit wealth to build wealth. Even with a minimum amount, a non-traditional investment vehicle like the funding platform can help you acquire the funds you need to reach financial wellness or goals.

Peer-to-peer investment also happens to be a very resilient asset class well-suited for individuals pr entities with funds to spare. To let the cash yield accumulate, do not be in a hurry to get out of your peer-to-peer investment.  Investors are generally expected to adhere to their commitment. If a loan was for 36 months, you will receive your money back in equal chunks every 36 months (unless the borrower repays it early, or defaults).

The increased participation from funders/partner companies serves as a strong indication that peer-to-peer lending is here to stay. It may not be an investment cut out for everyone, but for those willing to take some control of their actions through high-level risk management, it can be a good source of income. Visit at to know more about the two investor arrangements that can earn above-market rates for you.

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