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Achieve soft and bouncy curls with these four simple tips

Achieve soft and bouncy curls with these four simple tips

Keeping your hair healthy is as important as your skin. And those of you with curly hair know the struggle of finding the routines that work. Unlike other types of hair, curly hair often comes with its challenges—dry, frizzy, and brittle. Establishing a great routine is a matter of trial and error.

Achieve soft, bouncy, and defined curls with these four simple tips

Stop using shampoo every day. 

If you always shampoo your hair every day, you better consider not doing it anymore. Shampooing helps clean your scalp and remove excess oils but applying it daily strips the natural oil leaving your hair too dry and prone to breakage. And overwashing can make your hair strands more delicate. For that reason, conditioner should be your companion, and try shampooing your hair every other day instead. Skipping some days without shampooing or washing your hair is totally fine. 

Apply oils to your curly hair

Oiling your hair is a healthy and essential hair care routine to do. Regardless of hair type, it needs nourishment and healthy treatment. You can use natural products like coconut oil, castor oil, or olive oil since they are light and non-greasy. Massage your scalp and the strands of your hair and leave it overnight. You may also try oiling your hair for a few hours before showering. You will see a significant result as you incorporate oils into your hair routine. Your brittle and dizzy hair will turn glossy and silky. 

Avoid combing it frequently. 

Brushing will not ruin your hair if done properly and moderately. However, brushing too often is a bad idea. Curly hair is more delicate than the other types of hair because it is dry and brittle. Combing your curly is susceptible to split ends and breakage. And whenever you want to comb it, try to use a wide-tooth comb or detangle spray. In addition, make sure that you are using a bristle that is not made up of plastic bobbles as it can lead to hair shedding. Remember to keep contact between your hair and brush to a minimum to prevent damage and reduce frizz. 

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Select the right products 

Choose hair products that are formulated for your curls. Finding the right products may not be easy; that’s why you should know your hair type and the suitable products. The quality of your hair highly depends on the products that you use. Look for products that help you embrace your natural texture and give your curls what they need. Buying the right products for your hair is essential if you want to maintain it in good condition. 

Following those simple routines is not as hard as you think. Perhaps, you have made those mistakes and haven’t tried the ways to take care of your curls, but simple tweaks in your hair care routine will give the proper treatment it needs while maintaining its natural texture. 

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