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5 Must-Know Tips When Shopping for Appliances on a Tight Budget

5 Must-Know Tips When Shopping for Appliances on a Tight Budget

Home appliances are essential for helping us improve our quality of living. From cooling and regulating the temperature in our homes to storing our food and preventing it from going bad, appliances are essential to have in every Filipino home.

With such an important role in our homes, it’s best to invest in home devices that are of good quality. Additionally, good quality doesn’t always mean expensive. Even if you’re on a tight budget, you can find affordable appliances that are durable and have all the features you need. 

You can get high-quality and long-lasting appliances at budget-friendly prices if you shop smart. Follow the tips below to help you find a great device that fits your budget.   

Research Appliances Before Buying

Before heading out to the store to buy the appliance you need, you should always do your research. Most brands have an online catalog of their products. It contains a list of their features, size, price, and other technical specifications. You can start shopping around even before you get to the showroom.

Check out this online catalog! You can check which appliances have the features you want and make a shortlist of models that match your requirements. 

For example, you might be thinking of buying a non-inverter refrigerator because it’s cheaper than an inverter-type model. Inverter-type refrigerators usually consume less electricity, so they can help you save on your electricity bills. Want to lessen your expenses? Purchasing an inverter-type fridge may be better for your finances in the long run. 

Checking online can also help you compare prices between different brands with similar appliance specifications. You can also find reviews of lesser-known brands to see if the performance of their appliances can compare to that of popular manufacturers. Products by newer companies are often cheaper than those of established brands. Hence, buying from the former can provide you with the same quality of products at a lower price. 

Buy When There’s a Sale

Purchasing an appliance during a sale can help you save money and even get amazing deals like extended warranties and appliance freebies. Need help with your laundry or a replacement for your old washer? You can check brand websites and appliance store social media pages to see if they have a washing machine sale

Knowing when there are sales can also help you plan your purchase and save more money. In the Philippines, many online stores offer monthly discounts when the date shows the day and the month in repeating numbers such as January 1 (1/1), February 2 (2/2), and so on. Larger discounts and cashback are usually offered on November 11 (11/11) and December 12 (12/12) as part of holiday promotions. You can also save more during clearance sales, like mid-year sales or end-of-the-year sales, and payday sales on the 15th and 30th of the month. 

Check for Credit Card Deals

Credit cards can help make payments easier for appliances, especially if it is expensive and requires a large cashout. Credit card issuers also often have deals that you can specifically use for shopping. Make sure to check with your credit provider if they offer these types of promotions:  

Buy Now, Pay Later

Appliance stores and brands partner up with credit card companies to offer “Buy Now, Pay Later” deals as an incentive for buyers. This deal allows you to use your credit card to defer the payment for an appliance purchase to one month or three months later with 0% interest. This may be a good option if you plan to use future income to fund your purchase. You may also be able to use this deal together with an installment plan. 

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Installment Plans

Most brands and appliance stores offer an installment plan for paying off your appliance purchase. An installment plan breaks down the total purchase amount into a smaller monthly fee in your credit billing statement. Depending on the credit card issuer and appliance you’re buying, you can also get deals like 0% interest for three months, six months, 12 months, or 24 months. 

Sell Old Appliances Or Their Parts

Selling old appliances instead of throwing them away can help you save money for a replacement. Make sure that the unit is in good working condition or will only need a few repairs. Be honest with your listing and mention any problems with the item to ensure a smooth transaction with a buyer. If the appliance is no longer in good condition or irreparable, you can consider selling the appliance’s parts to a junkyard or repair shop.  

Some appliance manufacturers will also offer trade-in deals for devices like cell phones, laptops, or tablets. By surrendering your old device, the manufacturer will apply an agreed-upon value as a discount for your purchase of a new product from them. 

Consider Buying Used Appliances

Sometimes buying a brand new appliance is just too expensive and out of your budget, even after applying all the tips above. In this scenario, you might consider buying used instead. Second-hand appliances that are still in good condition are usually cheaper than getting something brand new or having an old one repaired. 

Buying second-hand requires effort and some flexibility, as you won’t always get your dream appliance as you’re limited to choosing from available listings. Here are some tips to guide you when shopping for second-hand appliances:

  • Take note of the brand. When getting a used appliance, it’s better to buy a well-known manufacturer’s product, as they will likely have available parts in case you need repairs. 
  • Buy from repair shops. These shops repair broken appliances before reselling them for a fraction of their original price, so buying from these stores will guarantee you get a working one.
  • Purchase open-box appliances. These appliances cost less simply for having their box opened. Some may have cosmetic damage such as scratches or dents that shouldn’t affect the appliance’s performance.
  • Always test the appliance. Don’t forget to try it out before buying it. Check to see that the buttons or knobs are working properly and that the appliance has full functionality of its various features. 
  • Ask as many questions as you can. Ask about any defects that aren’t visible, what repairs the appliance has undergone, and if the shop offers a warranty or money-back guarantee. Don’t be afraid to relay your concerns, as your queries will ensure you’ll be buying a working appliance that will last you a few years. 

Appliances are essential to helping us live comfortably. That is why it’s important to invest in ones that are of good quality, even if you have a tight budget. With careful research and meticulous planning, you can buy an something that will function well and last you for years without putting a dent in your savings. 

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