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4 Items First-Time Cat Moms Buy but Probably Don’t Need

4 Items First-Time Cat Moms Buy but Probably Don’t Need

Adopting a pet cat for the first time feels like having a baby bump about to burst out soon. It feels exciting! You’d want to go shopping for a bunch of cute things that you think your cat would like. You’d look for beds, clothes, scratching boards, feeding bowls, and toys as a way of warmly welcoming a new family member.

After a few days of leaving these things with your cat, you might see them absolutely ignoring it, like it’s thin air invisible to their watchful eyes. It’s sad but actually kinda funny. Not all cats like to be pampered with objects and they would often rather pay attention to the weirdest things. If you’re a first-time cat mom, you might want to keep that in mind!

Here are cat items you might buy but probably don’t need

1. A bed

If you treat your cat like a human baby, it’s only natural that they have its own soft, fluffy bed, right? Well, it is global knowledge that most cats actually prefer the warmth and small space of boxes. It’s the perfect place for them to curl up and relax! Of course, giving them a bed is still worth a try. As I’ve mentioned, not all cats are the same. But chances are, they would probably ignore the bed you just spent a few bucks on and hop on a spare box you brought home from grocery shopping. I mean, it’s cheaper! I guess that’s a win.

2. Cat scratchers

Apparently, cats scratch to leave their scent and visual markings as well as to sharpen their claws and stretch their legs. Not only this serves an actual purpose, but it can also save your furniture from scratch marks! But not all cats like using scratchers either. Mine, for example, scratches my laundry basket that literally sits just beside the scratching board I bought for her. It may also have something to do about the type and quality of the scratcher that you use which isn’t your cat’s preference. You can teach them to use it or else, they’d keep messing with your cabinet!

3. Toys

Cats like toys that make them feel like the predator that they are. They want something to constantly watch and chase. Knowing this, you might think it’s a great idea to buy them a bunch of toys. And it is! Cats love balls as they mimic the movements of prey, they like lasers and teasers too. However, they also love to play with USB cables, earphones, shoelaces, and anything similar. They’d try to catch especially if you swing it in front of them. Clothespins are another favorite. Honestly, just leave one on the floor and watch your cat be entertained for hours. Keep this in mind when buying you buy them toys!

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4. Clothes

Unfortunately, many cats dislike having any type of clothing on them. It restricts their movements and can be really distressing for them. What a shame because it’d be so cute to see them in a dress! But of course, and again, it’s not all cats. Some may enjoy wearing them, especially in cold and cozy rooms. But it will surely take a good amount of effort to get them to wear clothes. It would be better if you manage to get them used to it while they are still kittens. Grown cats are really strong and resist well!

Having a pet cat can be really expensive with all the medicine, vet check-ups, food, grooming sessions, and more. But you can totally spare your money for these by limiting yourself from buying not-so-necessary things for your cat. They are pretty low maintenance in that area! They love just being themselves and toying around with what’s available. Just show them love and attention and they’d purr happily!

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