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5 Foods that Cats Should Not Eat

5 Foods that Cats Should Not Eat

Have you ever recalled a scenario wherein you’re eating your favorite food and your cat seems to beg for food? Then you’ll try to give them a small amount.

As a fur parent, it’s one of the practices we like to do whenever our cats beg for food. But did you know that it’s a bad practice causing a lot of harm to your pet? In addition, not all food we consume is also best for our cats. It’s important that as owners we should be responsible for what should and should not be eaten by our pets.

In celebration of INTERNATIONAL CAT DAY, we are listing five foods that your cat should not be allowed to eat.

5 Foods that Cats Should Not Eat

Onion & Garlic + Related Root Vegetables

Onions are food that contains substances called N-propyl disulfide. These substances cause a cat’s red blood cells to destroy and form anemia called Heinz body anemia. Similarly, garlic causes the destruction of a cat’s red blood cells. The best examples are the chips with onion and garlic flavored seasoning that we fed to our cats. Consumption of raw pieces of onions and cloves of garlic results in dangerous harm to your cat.

Avocado — food causing diarrhea

Avocado contains persin that is bad for cats, especially it causes them to vomit and have diarrhea. Avocados are also rich in fat that can lead to gastroenteritis or pancreatitis. It may seem healthy for us, but a spoon-licked avocado surely causes much pain for them.

Alcohol — toxic beverages

If you like to host a party and own a cat. Make sure to separate them from the beverage because it can be toxic to their stomach and internal organs. Beverage alcohol is not just the alcohol that is toxic for them, but also mouthwash, hand sanitizer, and bread dough that contains yeast.

Raw Eggs — bacteria causing food

Raw eggs are harmful to your cat because they can contract salmonella or E. coli bacteria. This will lead to vomiting, lethargy, and diarrhea which is harmful to your cat. Too much consumption may also result in a much more fatal effect.

Chocolate —death-causing food

We all know that chocolate is harmful to dogs, but it’s also bad for cats. Because chocolate contains a toxic agent for them called theobromine. It can be found in various kinds of chocolate but high amounts of theobromine are found in dark chocolate and unsweetened chocolate. Effects include seizures, a fast heartbeat, and ultimately death. As much as possible don’t give any chocolates to them even an amp size.

Being a fur parent you are responsible for your cat’s health. Make sure to know every possible food you give them. It’s important to only provide them with food that is best for them like cat foods and cooked chicken. Research also for other possible food that can make their resistance healthy and immune to any harm.

Happy International Cat Day, to you ka-furparent!

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