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Are You Tired at Work? Take A Power Nap to Recharge

Are You Tired at Work? Take A Power Nap to Recharge

Are you feeling tired today? Do you have a hard time thinking about something work-related? Recharge yourself with a power nap! A natural way to re-energize yourself without taking anything else but time and sleep.

In the current work landscape today, many of us work at home. With this, some of us have the options to sneak in a nap or two whenever we feel fatigued during work hours or when our train of thought starts halting. There is actually no precise timeframe for explaining the word nap.

The meaning of nap only says a short period of sleep. Does that mean you can take your time getting a small amount of sleep? Well, it depends on you and how free you are during the day. Ten to twenty minutes are considered a good amount of time for taking naps.

Give yourself a break. Taking a power nap has multiple benefits for a person. Although, it is not for everyone, especially for those who experience insomnia and other sleep disorders.

Recharge your body and take power naps with these tips:

Reduces sleepiness.

Taking naps help reduce sleepiness. To solve the problem of sleepiness naturally, one has to sleep. When you wake up from your sleep, you can feel yourself being drowsy at first because you want to sleep more. However, you can get back in better condition to do your tasks and activities. The short amount of time when your body feels rested can replenish a huge amount of energy you used for the day.

Aid in a day’s thought process.

When waking up, you get a sense of having new thought processes on what to do and how to do it. This can help clear the problems you faced in thinking about something before having the power nap. It is kind of like when you make your bed in the morning, you can go and do everything throughout the day orderly. But, what if you get stuck? Does time just stop for you? No, you just need to take a break and return to the last part of the day where you did something correctly. The same goes for a power nap. It provides you an option to collect your thoughts and reorganize them. That way, you can solve the problem you are currently having.

Try napping in the early afternoon.

After having a meal during or after lunchtime, the early afternoons are considered to be the time for what Filipinos call “siesta time.” It is a time when most feel drowsy. Or, the time when we want to relax because of the hot climate in the afternoon. Doing a power nap during this period lets you hit two birds with one stone. First, it can solve the myth of bodily reaction to “siesta time,” and second, can help you function better.

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Helps control emotions.

When someone feels fatigued, they usually have a cranky mood for the entire day. Everything that you find irritating becomes even more infuriating for you. You can calm down as an option but exposure to constant irritation can make it worse. Power naps let you halt those sources of annoyance and can give you the option of calming down because your goal is to get a little bit of sleep. Removing the interaction with things that you find exasperating is a huge plus to making yourself feel better.

In the end, there are times when we feel fatigued or stuck, and this just does not happen once. We are not robots who can function perfectly throughout the day. Sometimes there is always a missing piece to help the engine run better, if not smoothly. Power naps can become that missing piece to help you smoothen out your day whether you are in or out of work.


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