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Windows to the Soul: Why Eyes Are My Favorite Facet of a Person

Windows to the Soul: Why Eyes Are My Favorite Facet of a Person

Eyes are something I won’t get tired of looking at. Maybe because it is with how they convey emotions, way stronger than words could ever do in certain situations. It might also be because, much like any part of the body, the eyes can reveal something about a person’s history. Of course, I could not always speak on their behalf. But at the very least there is some sort of tiny string that connects me with that person, unveiling their concealed thoughts and emotions. 

Eyes speak beyond words

When I was young, there was this recurring question in my mind: How does one communicate when words cannot suffice? I did not have the answer until I was already at this age, observant of everyone and the gestures they make. From the constant interaction with the people I met, I have come to realize how their eyes depict what words cannot tell. If anything, they speak and communicate beyond the letters and paragraphs combined. Simply put, the way eyes managed to transcend from one person to another became an integral facet of daily life.

They never lie

Surprisingly, eyes display happiness, sadness, frustration, and even the deepest hopes of a person found from within. Knowing how all these are possible, I cannot help but feel amazed. The eyes that allow us to see, and which exist in a variety of colors and forms, exhibit nothing but utmost sincerity. Remember a famous line from a movie that says: The eyes, Chico. They never lie? It is true, and it speaks volumes. That is why whenever I get the chance to look into someone’s eye, I know that what they are communicating could be something stronger and genuine.

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