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Should I be worried if I blink too much?

Should I be worried if I blink too much?

Eye blinking is an involuntary action; whether you think of it or not, your body does it automatically. But we can also force ourselves to blink. Not everyone blinks at the same rate, but according to health experts, most people blink 15-20 times each minute on average. 

Importance of blinking

It’s good for our eyes to blink. Although you might believe that it is not as crucial as other bodily functions, not blinking can lead to dry eyes, blurred vision, and other eye infections.

The primary purpose of blinking is to lubricate and clean our eyes to help improve our vision and shield them from irritants and intense light.

Indeed, blinking is just as essential as our eyes use to see. However, when you blink more frequently than normal, you’re experiencing excessive blinking.

Excessive blinking

Excessive blinking can be annoying. You’re here maybe because you have experienced it or currently dealing with it. Here are some of the things that cause excessive blinking:

Eye Irritants

When something like dust, smoke, a foreign object, and eyelashes is on the front of our eyes or it is just simply dry, we may blink excessively.

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Eye Discomfort

Excessive blinking can occur if we spend too much time in bright light, on a screen, or while reading.


Additionally, others develop the habit of blinking excessively or eye mannerism. It might be a result of their early encounters with some of the mentioned factors.

Mental Health

When we are stressed, anxious, or nervous, we also blink excessively. Because our eyes become more sensitive to light, and we experience eye strain.

Excessive blinking may rarely be brought on by serious issues, but when it does, it may be linked to neurological disorders.

So if your excessive blinking is causing you that much worry, especially if you have been experiencing it for a very long time, seek professional help. It is still best to consult with doctors to look after our health!

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