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Christmas Frenzy: Things We Do Not Miss During the Holidays

Christmas Frenzy: Things We Do Not Miss During the Holidays

The holiday season is generally an enjoyable time. We hear Christmas songs wherever we go. Tons of colorful Christmas decorations adorn places everywhere. And, of course, we could not forget the sweater weather which is a nice break from our usual hot climate.

Despite these positives, we can not argue that the holiday season also brings a few stressors. And to be honest, it is not usually discussed and is always swept under the rug. With that, here is a list of things we certainly do not miss during the holiday season.

Way Too Many People Out

The holiday season is a high time for people to go out. People are out to enjoy the Christmas discounts, bazaars, art installations, and many more that pop up during the holiday season. Due to this, many establishments are crowded with individuals we can bump into, sweat with, and metaphorically exchange faces with. And, if you are one of the many individuals with a huge personal space bubble or are just introverted, this will probably cause a lot of stress. But there, really, is little to nothing we can do, for we, too, are one of the people who are out during this busy season.

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Never-Ending Traffic

Having many people out at the same time means immense traffic. And holiday traffic, especially on the Metro, is a nightmare. We got many commuters trying to get a ride to various destinations. In addition, a lot of private vehicles are also out on the streets. And, of course, street vendors are maximizing the volume of people to make sales. In other words, a lot of things are happening in the streets during the holiday season. And, all left for us is to hope that we get to our destination as soon as possible.

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Prices Skyrocketing

The supply and demand chain goes haywire during the holidays. Many people are shopping for similar items like ingredients for usual Christmas dishes or typical gifts to give, leading to limited supplies. And as we know, limited supply means higher prices, and higher prices = higher stress. So, despite receiving a Christmas bonus, we still struggle with keeping up with the rising cost during the holiday season, which is definitely not a merry situation.

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Breaking the Bank

The holiday season also means the spending season. First, we have to worry about the foods we will serve during Noche Buena. Next, we have to worry about the Christmas parties’ contributions. And, let us not forget the budget we have to prepare for Christmas gifts and aguinaldos. In short, there are just a lot of things to spend money on during this season. And, as much as we love to spend and share, we are getting one step closer to breaking our bank accounts when the jingle bell starts rocking.

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Parties After Parties

There are different types of parties that happen during the holiday season. Most companies often hold their annual Christmas parties. Friends get-togethers also tend to occur during this season. And, of course, the Noche Buena gathering where we meet all sorts of family members is not the most chill party we can be in.

Now, not only do these parties cause physical exhaustion, but they can also be mentally, emotionally, and financially draining. So, even though the holidays will not be complete without parties, we could not help but wish for them to be over quickly.

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These stressful things definitely made us understand where the Grinch was coming from. But, we should not let these dictate how we view this holiday season; after all, even the Grinch eventually liked Christmas.

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