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ICYMI, the Bicycle Act of 2020 is now a proposed bill in the Congress

ICYMI, the Bicycle Act of 2020 is now a proposed bill in the Congress


Many Filipinos saw the advantage of riding bicycles to work or their errands when the lockdown happened. Because, why not? Biking is more economical than motorcycles and cars. Aside from that, it allows the body so many calories and relieves stress.

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Part of post-pandemic planning of the government

Congress noticed that bikes became the go-to form of transportation in Metro Manila and nearby cities. That’s why Las Piñas representative Camille Villar filed the Bicycle Act of 2020. According to a source, the proposal has many provisions filed by Camille’s father, Manny Villar. This is way back in 2011 when he was still a senator.

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The bill includes the establishment of a Local Bikeways Office. This is an agency under the city or municipality’s engineering office which will implement the rules and regulations of the Bicycle Act. The Local Bikeways Office will also be responsible for setting up bikeways on all major roads and highways.

Camille Villar explained in her notes, “With bikes becoming more in-demand and physical distancing dictating social norms, a policy on bicycle and cyclists should now figure prominently in the government’s current and post-pandemic planning.”

Rules for Bike Riders for Road Safety

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Moreover, the proposal listed the rights and duties of bicycle riders. According to some newspaper sources, here are the DOs:

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Wear a helmet at all times, where the chin strap is securely fastened
Know (and use) left- and right-turn hand signals
Equip the bike with reflective materials when riding at night
Stick to the appropriate speed
Obey all traffic rules and regulations

Meanwhile, here are the DONT’s:
Ride on crosswalks or sidewalks, but only on bikeways
Cling to another vehicle
Carry more riders than the bike was designed for, unless they’re on a towed seat or trailer

Modify the bike in such a way that your handlebars are higher than your shoulders
Carry anything on the bike unless it’s on installed baskets, bags, racks, or trailers

Villar’s bill joins the raft of proposed bike legislation and regulations, both local and national. Pia Cayetano also filed Senate Bill 1518, a Safe Pathways Act. This is for the setting up of “pop-up” bicycle lanes and emergency pathways across the country.

Photo from Pia Cayetano website

What do you guys think of this bill?

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