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3rd VP Choice Awards nominations to begin this 2021

3rd VP Choice Awards nominations to begin this 2021

Village Pipol, the country’s ultimate guide to the Philippines, presents the 3rd Annual VP Choice Awards 2021.

To be held on the 26th of March, 2022, the VP Choice Awards has firmly established its place in the industry and is regarded as one of the most credible award-giving bodies and is the leader in pioneering relevant new media brand events.

Awarding the best of the best

VPCA awards unique voting mechanics gives it the transparency and credibility in awarding the best in the Travel, Lifestyle, Technology, and Entertainment industries and likewise gives the event a tremendous reach thru its online engagement benefiting all our partners and sponsors.

In its 2 years of existence, VPCA is already the most followed online award-giving organization and has been the number 1 Trending Event in both 2019 and 2020 in both Facebook and Twitter in the country.

The nomination starts on December 26, 2021, to January 26, 2022, and the final list of nominees will be announced on February 5, 2022.

Moreover, each category will have six nominees.

Also, voting is from February 12, 2022, to March 5, 2022.

VP Choice Awards 2021

Moreover, VP Choice Awards is an award-giving body, which gives recognition to the brightest stars in the showbiz industry, to brands who excel in their field, and to deserving individuals who show brilliance in their craft.

Furthermore, VP Choice Awards 2021 3rd year will be a monumental event as it honors the excellence and competence of those in the travel, lifestyle, and entertainment world.

It will consist of thirty-two (36) awards, which will honor those who are prime and supreme in each category.

In determining the winners, twenty percent (20%) will be coming from Instagram likes, thirty percent (30%) from Facebook shares while twenty percent (20%) will be based on our panel of experts and thirty percent (30%) editorial team.

VPCA 2021 is expected to be one of the grandest and star-studded nights next year.

Also, popular celebrities, brand executives, and online personalities will share a night of glitz, glamour, and appreciation.

List of Awards:


  1. Dream Destination (Local) of the Year
  2. Dream Destination (International) of the Year


  1. Mommy Blogger of the Year
  2. Fashion Influencer of the Year
  3. Beauty Influencer of the Year
  4. Home Appliances Brand of the Year
  5. Author of the Year
  6. PR Agency of the Year


  1. Breakthrough Social Media Star of the Year
  2. Loveteam of the Year
  3. Fandom of the Year
  4. FM Radio Station of the Year
  5. Radio DJ of the Year
  6. Male Promising Star of the Year
  7. Female Promising Star of the Year
  8. Composer of the Year
  9. Performer of the Year
  10. Group Performer of the Year
  11. Movie of the Year
  12. TV Station of the Year
  13. Movie Director of the Year
  14. TV Actor of the Year
  15. Movie Actor of the Year
  16. TV Actress of the Year
  17. Movie Actress of the Year
  18. TV Series of the Year
  19. BL Series of the Year
  20. BL Loveteam of the Year
  21. Youtuber of the Year
  22. Tiktok Star of the Year
  23. Local Drag Queen of the Year


  1. Mobile Brand of the Year
  2. Online Shopping Portal of the Year
  3. Online Streamer of the Year


  1. VP Spotlight of the Year
  2. VP Cover of the Year

Lastly, for sponsorships, please e-mail @vpchoiceawards@gmail.com or call us at 0919.002.4458.

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