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A’TIN and DonBelle, on a tie for VPCA 2021 ‘Fandom of the Year’ Award

A’TIN and DonBelle, on a tie for VPCA 2021 ‘Fandom of the Year’ Award

Passion and perseverance fueled this year’s  Fandom of the Year contenders, leading on a tie.

In the recently concluded Village Pipol Choice Awards 2021, both A’TIN and DonBelle were hailed as the victors. Marching together on the track of success, they reflect the honor of their respective idols.

The Fandom of the Year award harbors different support systems of various celebrities and personalities. Being one of the most coveted recognition in the VPCA entertainment category, it belongs to the fandom that has best shown its unwavering love and support.

A’TIN and DonBelle, it’s a tie!

On March 26, Village Pipol unveiled the full VPCA results after the voting period that lasted until March 05, 2022. The opinions of the editorial team and panel of judges consolidated with social media votes decided the winners.

And with a 97% equal score, A’TIN and DonBelle unexpectedly rose to the top. They harvested over 50M combined shares recorded on the Facebook platform alone, bringing them to triumph.

Since the making of VP Choice Awards, it is for the first time that a deuce happened. Of course, the stronghold of these fandoms made it possible. We merit your all might!

A’TIN and DonBelle for the VPCA 2021 Fandom of the Year Award


Behind SB19, A’TIN is the pride fandom elevating the P-Pop bannermen closer to global prominence. Their name signifies shared success along with their idols. As one, SB19 and A’TIN have a reputation of incalculable capacity responsible for reaching incredible heights.

This year, as they finally attained a three winning streak being the titleholder of the VPCA Fandom of the Year award, A’TIN marked their grand slam. Hence, they are joining SB19 on the elite spot as the prime candidates of the VPCA Hall of Fame.

Meanwhile, DonBelle (or Bubblies) are the fans of Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano’s love team. The pairing began in 2019 when they led the cast for the hit series He’s Into Her. From then on, they have grown a massive number of supporters.

Despite coming from different origins, A’TIN and Bubblies executed not only a good but a healthy fight. Through the competition, they brought out their dedication towards the artists they are passionate about.

Moreover, the Village Pipol takes pride in their showcase of camaraderie and sportsmanship. Upholding the values and essence of the award, they undoubtedly deserve the win. 

A’TIN and Bubblies are the VPCA 2021 Fandom of the Year victors. Congratulations!

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