Sassa Gurl takes over VCPA 2021 ‘Spotlight of the Year’ Award

Village Pipol Magazine has always reflected diversity and inclusivity in its content ever since. It has also evolved with the trends that have defined eras and shook up the publishing industry more than once. That said, Sassa Gurl truly deserved the ‘VP/Spotlight’ platform with her bold and unapologetic manner as an LGBTQ+ online sensation.

In the recently concluded Village Pipol Choice Awards 2021, the Tiktok star and our very own Mima, Sassa Gurl– bagged the most coveted award of the evening, the ‘Spotlight of the Year.’ Believe it or not, she took the internet by storm and is still going strong as the household name that she is.

Brimming with talent and potential, the entertainment industry continues to glimmer with new personalities dominating the scene. Thus, the Village Pipol Choice Awards 2021 ‘Spotlight of the Year’ bestows to the sole exceptional artist whose blossoming stardom shines the brightest.

Sassa Gurl is VCPA 2021’s ‘Spotlight of the Year!’

Sassa Gurl

Village Pipol revealed the full VCPA results during its prestigious award-giving event on March 26, 2022. The winners were determined by the totality of Facebook and Instagram votes, along with the editorial team and a panel of judges’ intensive decision.

Among the 12 VP/Spotlight monthly issues, Sassa Gurl took the voting session by storm as well, with an accumulated massive score of 95%. This clearly shows that Mima’s nakshits didn’t come to play, and that we should never underestimate them!

Sassa Gurl may never consider herself as an LGBTQ+ role model, but she, without a doubt, inspired many people to be their most authentic selves through her VP/Spotlight June issue. For all of us, she is the epitome of an exceptional star with immense talent and charisma.

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Congratulations and a well-deserved win to our Mima!

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