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VP/Spotlight: Marc David | Here Comes The Sun

VP/Spotlight: Marc David | Here Comes The Sun

Standing there in the salty air, sun-kissed sand glistened his hair. With the warmth on the bottom of his bare feet, he sweeps the salt and sand right off where he sits. Marc David proves that he has a beauty so rare that remains beyond compare. With a smile gracing his face, no other scene looked so calm in such a space.

Marc David | Here Comes The Sun

Usually, summers would include getaways and vacations. He loves spending the summertime with his family and the most memorable he has involved them. In an interview with Village Pipol, he expressed how he loves how spontaneous and exciting road trips he would have with his family and friends. 

However, due to COVID-19, those kinds of things would have to wait. Marc said:

“Well in this time of uncertainty, going out for the summer would be the least of my concerns as I would love to spend my summer knowing that my loved ones are safe and healthy by staying at our respective households.”

Spending the summer amid the pandemic

Speaking of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has affected a lot of people’s mental health. Of course, Marc deals with the uncertainties because of the current situation. Aside from that, he also expressed how he would invest in his own physical and mental health at this time of need. 

“The pandemic, in general, is definitely detrimental for our health. That is why I make sure to invest in both my physical and mental health by having to exercise a few times a week and practicing mindfulness as much as I can.”

The pandemic has caused everybody to get into things that they won’t normally do. For example, at the start of the lockdown, everybody started to learn how to bake banana or sourdough bread. Then, people started creating their own rendition of the Dalgona coffee. Of course, Marc would be one of them.

But, the hobby he truly went into related to a list he had written even before the pandemic. 

“Prior to the pandemic I always had a list of things I desired to start on or at least improve, but then I would always find myself short with time. I suppose the silver lining of this pandemic would be the luxury of time we have now in our own homes and finally, I got to start with hobbies and activities I’ve always wanted to learn.”

Pursuing the craft of acting

Acting has always been a very hard craft to master. A lot of people tried to get into the entertainment industry. Sure, we have a lot of actors and actresses that grace our screens. But, a few percent of them have yet to master it.

Marc finds satisfaction from the pursuit of being his best self through the craft. 

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“I would recall as early my childhood that I had this intense fascination with people appearing on television and movies, there was this innate desire that I wanted to be like them or at least close to what they do. However, this passion of mine was only then rekindled around my teen years as I started doing commercial/film auditions and just realized that I would be fulfilling my inner child’s dream in doing so.”

Performance anxiety refers to the fear of one’s ability to perform a specific task. People who experience this may worry about failing it before it has even begun. Marc believes that it would unavoidable that actors and actresses would doubt themselves every now and then. 

“I believe is inevitable that we would doubt ourselves every now and then, but the most anxious I’ve been would probably be my first acting experience. Fortunately, I had a very supportive environment to remind me that I can do it.”

Marc David sends a message to the people he believed in him:

“To everyone who believes in me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your unending support and love fuel me to become better as a person and as an artist. I believe that anyone that dares to dream shall realize its manifestation with enough faith, so do believe in yourself and just keep going, no matter what.”

Publisher |  Richie de Quina & Gwynn Crisostomo
Editor-in-Chief |  Angela Baltan
PR & Advertising Manager |  Josh Austria
Digital Manager |  Allen Esteban

Words by Angela Baltan
Photography by Amiel Kirby Balagtas
Stylist | Jhay Layson

Special thanks to  Cornerstone Entertainment Inc.

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