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Step into a virtual world and design your own space with Bondee

Step into a virtual world and design your own space with Bondee

bondee's virtual world

Logging in on your favorite game and immersing yourself in a virtual world are good ways to unwind. Some of us wish to have a second life; a chance to be ourselves without having to keep a dignified reputation for the sake of societal standards. Gamers crave this kind of comfort and relaxation, so they hop from game to game, looking for the one that suits their needs. Fortunately for casuals, Metadream allows you to have a taste of virtual reality with a free social app called Bondee.

Ever since the Singaporean tech company launched Bondee last January 12, users have been enjoying what the game has to offer. With more than 500,000 downloads in Play Store after a week, it quickly became a hit across Asia.

Bondee boasts many features, some of which include creating your avatar and hanging out with friends in a virtual world.

Stepping into Bondee’s Virtual World

Customizing your Avatar

Upon logging in, the first thing you’re prompted to do is customize your avatar. The design looks like Picrew where you can pick from various selections of body shades and shapes, clothing, and pieces of jewelry until you’re content with your look. Some options are premium and limited, meaning, you have to pay money if you want to have them.

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Hanging out in a Virtual Plaza

Bondee promotes inviting and hanging out with friends in a virtual world. This is where the plaza comes to play. You can talk about your day by utilizing the status feature. You can also pick a mood that shows how you currently feel and your avatar will reenact it. Online friends can see and interact with these.

Designing your Room

In the app, you have a room that you can design and personalize. This serves as your virtual place where you can spend some “me time” or invite visitors. It’s up to you whether you want to transform this space into a cozy living room, a true-to-life messy bedroom, or your dream game room. Whatever the case, there are lots of furniture to choose from to cater your wants.

Bondee is the new talk of the town because given how hectic life is, most find it difficult to go out and socialize. Moreover, most games that feature virtual worlds are expensive. This free social app turned into a well-developed space where anyone can express themselves in a creative way.

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