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I think these Wild Rift Spirit Blossom skins are the Holy Trinity

I think these Wild Rift Spirit Blossom skins are the Holy Trinity

From cheerful specters to warden entities, the model and design of Spirit Blossom skin evokes a mystical charm from first glance. Although, with only a number you can count both hands, the Wild Rift version varies to the League of Legends counterpart in wide extent.

Sparkling in a purple perfection, the splash arts for this skin line boasts huge gap being well-compelling among others. To give you a personal take on the trifecta of this particular Wild Rift event, let me introduce you to my front-runners:

I Think these Wild Rift Spirit Blossom skins fit the Holy Trinity title


If this is not the cutest of the Spirit Blossom skins ever! Don’t start me with the prestige one, I will definitely lose it. With magical flute and mini kindred spirits having Teemo’s company, the Runeterra swamp has been revamped of a whole new image.

In game, it has provided enough modulation to nail the nature of the swift scout wandering the Summoner’s Rift. Jolly and ready to smite if needed, our little furry is equipped of overflowing cuteness that is Spirit Blossom.

Photo | Wild Rift League of Legends (@RiotGames)


Pretty alluring from the get-go, Spirit Blossom Yone is one for history books. As he is always portrayed as the other brother, the skin line provide gamers a new look to the Ionian. The splash art is so ethereal and as to the gameplay, well, this basically don’t disappoint even a little.

This is not just a new imagery of Yone, the classy eye-candy direction and details also. Moreover, as this serves great footing to other champions with a not-that-bright narratives on to their lore. Who would have thought that The Unforgotten can be as bewitching as this?

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Photo | Wild Rift League of Legends (@RiotGames)


Displaying a warry face on the lurking darkness of Ionia forest, Lillia is a splendid of a shimmering fawn. Holder of the a portion of Runeterra’s dreams and nightmares, the skin line has never been meant hundred percent than to our Bashful Bloom. It just perfectly destined to the whole lore and all.

With a dazzling task to guard everyone’s hopes and dreams, Lillia’s magical lantern just sums up to be the best face for the Wild Rift Spirit Blossom Festival. The skin line will include a four more addition during its release. This includes Spirit Blossom Thresh as anticipated. From which formed a great harmony with the team splash art for the event.

Photo | Wild Rift League of Legends (@RiotGames)

You can have a great skin line but nothing beats if it does jibe with the story from which the game rely into. Spirit Blossom has the impact and potential for champions to be explorative, fun, and somehow new. What’s your fav of all skin lines out there?

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