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The joy of playing video games with a five-man team

The joy of playing video games with a five-man team

Nowadays, the most popular multiplayer video games such as League of Legends, Valorant, DOTA, and Counterstrike: Go, require a pre-made five-man team to be able to compete. This gives the experience an indescribable joy once the five slots are filled by your friends. Video games just can’t get any better than this, can it? Here are the reasons why playing video games with a five-man is unmatched!

The joy of playing video games with a five-man team

Less game competitiveness, more fun!

If you play a game with your friends, chances are there will be more laughs than game call-outs – it just becomes a huge bonding activity and the competitive aspect of the game dissipates. When the enemy team is trying so hard, little do they know that you’re all just chuckling controllably in a Discord voice channel about your teammate’s random misplay. Now, that’s a real win!

Say goodbye to toxic randoms!

If you’re playing solo in a multiplayer video game, the odds of being teamed up with a toxic teammate are pretty high. You can’t control who you’ll be playing with, after all. These odds would completely be wiped out if you’re playing with four other people you know. You can now confidently erase the possibility of getting picked at when you’re with a five-stack.

Five-man trashtalking frenzy

Trashtalking has basically become a video game culture now, and while it can be really toxic, it’s undeniable that it gets pretty fun when you have the full force of five people. If the enemy team is harassing you for not getting enough kills, you have your army to repulse with you. You all have each other’s back and that’s the cool part!

You can play however you want. Who cares about metas, anyway?

Worrying about not being able to conform to a certain meta? With a five-man, there will be no worries – you’re free to play however you want because there would be no pressure. You know who you’re playing with; you’re well aware that they won’t rage at you on voice chat just because you refuse to play in a particular way.

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Team chemistry is surreal

There is nothing more chaotic than the voice comms of a five-man team. Call-outs sprinkled with a little bit of banter, trashtalk, and laughter, but you know that the team chemistry is present. Things really go down when everyone turns on their serious mode, and the team’s unity would effortlessly show. The collaboration and camaraderie are indisputably one of the best parts of playing with a five-man.

There is no arguing that video games are merrier with more of you in lobby. This is your sign to look for that five-man stack so you can now enjoy your games to the fullest!

Which video games do you enjoy playing with your friends the most? Share us your thoughts!

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