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K-Pop’s Best of Best Branding

K-Pop’s Best of Best Branding

Taglines, slogans, or greetings define the identity of a K-Pop artist, especially as a team, which then unites them as one. May it be among themselves or between their fandom, it brings a special connection. Every group has their own signature branding that instantly makes you think, “Oh! It’s them!” the moment you hear it.

Check out these iconic catchphrases I’ve heard in K-Pop!

8 Makes 1 Team

When it comes to teamwork, ATEEZ are the leaders with no doubt! Their catchy introduction just proves how much they value the group’s foundation. I believe this is their secret to a strong charisma and stage presence that makes ATINYs fall harder!

YouTube | ATEEZ Teamwork Cheer

BLACKPINK in Your Area

When Jennie said this for the first time from their debut, Boombayah, you bet they’ll always be in your area! BLACKPINK’s power will always remain, not only in the K-Pop industry but in the whole world. No matter how long it takes for them to come back, everyone will be tuning in to their hit songs. And that’s on successful queens!



Make way for the queens of vocals! Their harmonization is a solid god-tier that fans, non-fans, and even fellow idols are amazed by MAMAMOO. You can never get tired of hearing their melodious voices!

YouTube | MAMAMOO Harmonization Greeting

STAYC Girls… It’s Going Down

It’s quite funny for them to say this when charts for STAYC are literally going up! The girls’ popularity is skyrocketing from releasing bop songs every comeback. How they incorporate their slogan into their tracks is another level of iconic that leaves you singing it for days!

YouTube | SO BAD

STRAY KIDS Everywhere All Around the World (You Make STRAY KIDS Stay)

Whenever I see this at the end of their music videos, it definitely touches a part of my heart. It is a long message, just like their endless love for STAYs. Yep, STRAY KIDS will always be THAT worldwide superstars who never disappoint with their no-skip albums. It’s heartwarming that STRAY KIDS Everywhere All Around the World will always be connected to You Make STRAY KIDS Stay. Without STRAY KIDS, there’s no STAY; without STAY, there’s no STRAY KIDS — you can never separate these two.

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YouTube | JYP Entertainment

To the World, this is NCT

The limitless group has had a never-ending concept of adding members from different nationalities since 2016. I love how every sub-unit, currently four, brings out their own strengths but are united when it comes to NCT’s introduction. They are surely going places as international hotshots with the group brand’s vast expansion!

YouTube | NCT “To the World” all units greeting

Identity helps the artists be recognized and remembered by the public among the sea of shining stars. They include melodies, rhymes, symbols, catchy phrases, or anything that associates the group. Any idol can sing ballads, dance synchronously, and spit fire from rap verses.

But only one group could come up with a unique branding that is different from the rest.

Which K-Pop tagline is your favorite? Share with us in the comments!

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