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Pop Throwback Hits to Relive the ’90s and Early ’00s

Pop Throwback Hits to Relive the ’90s and Early ’00s

Are you one of those Gen-Z people who gravitate to older music? Because I am! It’s just that music before was such a vibe and triggers my sleeping and nonexistent dancing skills. I can even remember songs that can only be played through cassettes, CDs, or MP3s before. With that, awaken your nostalgia through these pop hits from the ’90s and early ’00s.

Wannabe (1996)

The it-girl power will flow in you as you sing along to the catchy lyrics of Spice Girls’ Wannabe. The candy-coated lyrics celebrate friendship above anything else. Nobody can’t just simply wanna be with you if they can’t get past your friends first. Talk about how pop music is done right!

Let’s Get Loud (1999)

Latin pop is on the list because why not? If the trumpet melody isn’t enough to get your salsa on, wait until you hear J.Lo repeatedly tell you, “you gotta do it!”. I don’t know about you, but this song totally released my inner party animal.

I Want It That Way (1999)

An assemblage of teen pop and boyband realness. It’s hard not to jam when you hear the song’s chorus. Back then, I honestly confused the title as, ‘tell me why’. Nonetheless, still can’t get over Brian Litrells’s eargasmic, “teeeell me whyyyyy”—a pop moment worthy of the gospel.

…Baby one more time (1999)

Were there even the 90s pop without crediting Britney Spears’s legacy? The Pop Princess’ cultural influence is evident in this era that her schoolgirl outfit became an iconic Halloween costume. The song is even recognizable with simply the first beat drop and the “oh baby, baby”. I mean, Britney’s music is THAT infectious.

She Bangs – English Version (2000)

Ricky Martin expressed love and sensuality in this Latin rhythmic song. The crowd will go nuts if ever the DJ played this in the club. Doesn’t this suddenly make you want to compete in Dancing with the Stars?

Can’t Get You Out of My Head (2001)

Let’s travel back to the time when the futuristic beat of this Kylie Minogue classic dominated MTV and disco parties. The repetitive “la la la…” is constantly on a loop in my mind. Literally can’t get this masterpiece outta my head.

Hollaback Girl (2004)

Get your pom-poms up as this cheerleading-inspired pop song will make you stomp your feet! Gwen Stefani’s clap back to those who badmouth her will naturally exude your confidence too.

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Ever After (2005)

True to its title, this song never gets old and it certainly feels like a happy ever after. This early ’00s hit has taken Tiktok by storm, prompting many dance covers like those of Ranz, Niana and Natalia. It’s also an absolute must-listen at beach parties.

The ’90s and ’00s era may have ended, but its influence escalated to music’s major transition. With this revival moment, what’s your favorite song from the list? Comment down below!

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