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My takeaways on Boys World music so far

My takeaways on Boys World music so far

Fresh and exceptional! These songstress will provide every main pop girl stan a cure to yes-slay drought. Emphasizing the lines, “Hindi mo kailangan ng mga ibang tao, at ‘yon ang totoo,” Boys World exudes confidence, proving they are the ultimate package for this generation’s next girl group.

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As Girlfriends take the 2020 by storm, we can all assure that these girls are born for stardom! But that doesn’t end there, members Elana, Lillian, Queenie, Makhyli, and Olivia, are also artists with substance right up their craft. From profound messages throughout their lyrics, the band’s chic-and-glam energy works well as to their footing to female empowerment.

Being a budding western girl group icon, Boys World carries together, with their music, all their hardships and journey to be the pop sensation for global ears. Nothing beats a team of girls with synchronized dancing and superb vocal harmonies. So, let’s dive into reasons why you should give these mavens’ songs a try:

My takeaways on Boys World music so far

Everyone’s an innate Girl Boss

You might get a bit needy sometimes but just as that, life will all be well. Maybe a mascara and tint and you are ready to slay once more! With their bright and fun concepts, these ladies are their own main characters. Encouraging, just like how listeners connote the band’s title tracks, Boys World’s energy is infectious.

No wonder the group’s social media accounts are also seen to be freely utilized by members to convey love and freedom. No second thinking, most promotions are done with all-out sets that screams queen behavior. Their genuine personalities reflects to each of their performances that are, well, can all snatch wigs!

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Fun diverse representation

Formed through online casting, Boys World is straight-up Winx club perfection. Literally, a misopportunity right there! The past years are full of solo acts and when girl groups blast out the scene, they all serve with full-on diversity every time. Lucky as that, our girls all have various representations as to ethnicities and they are very much proud of that.

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Fil-Am member, Queenie Mae, expresses pride to her Filipino roots everytime. Seizing to say “Ingat lagi!” to shoots and interview takes. Her adlib on their first ever music video gains traction to TikTok as it made way to Filipinos’ hearts. Looking at it with a wider perspective, the proper saturation there is on the band truly aids more attention and synergy not just to girl group stans but to international audience also.

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Breakout Pop Stars

Their music videos all have garnered an organic scale of a million views in average. Boys World has just getting started with their career as musicians, their brand as TikTok’s favorite girl band tops off any girl groups of their age. With bigger avenues in this year’s opening, whatelse could go the wrong way, right?

Their tag as the next breakout pop personas that not just can groove but can also sing all together in wonderful pitch, will always be carved into the frame of fame. From supports coming in all directions, Boys World is ready to shine even more as they reach more young women of today: inspiring, representing, and motivating.

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Following their great chemistry as a quintet, Boys World strives as they continuously inject their individuality and rich diversity to their music. We’ve witnessed all that they have imprinted. We are also certain that: there will of be more girl power releases coming the way!

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