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Satisfy your taste buds with mouth watery signatures from Tiger Winx!

Satisfy your taste buds with mouth watery signatures from Tiger Winx!

Here’s for the wingmen, just like me! Craving for chicken wings is undeniably irresistible, right? However, looking for a top-tier wings hub with a heaven-matched ambiance is not really that easy peasy. There may be a myriad of choices, but spotting the absolute one is like dodging a bullet. Nonetheless, if you’re hankering to get a bite of it— don’t fret! Thanks to Tiger Winx for serving the flavorsome wings! But just to warn you, everything on their menu is too delish. Trying a single flavor will definitely leave you wanting more!

Satisfy your taste buds with mouth watery signatures from Tiger Winx!

Serving heavenly flavors for your cravings

Young entrepreneur Patrick Ramirez owned the restaurant that offers great quality chicken wings in a variety of flavors.

Food has always had a soft spot in my heart. It’s sort of magical when you create something from scratch and mix different flavors. I also believe that it is everyone’s way of having one way to communicate.

Patrick Ramirez, the owner of Tiger Winx.

For sure, first-time consumers will never go wrong with their special courses such as the Tiger Winx, filled with citrus and tangy flavor at the mild spice level. 

If you’re looking for something new and refreshing taste, try the supreme flavor of Honey Ginger. As for the cheese lovers, their Creamy Chili Cheese and Garlic Parmesan would be the perfect choices. Personally, these two are on the top of my list!

For those taste buds yearning for heat, you wouldn’t doubt to try their Soy Spicy, Buffalo, and Sweet Chili.

On the other hand, if you’re gunning for the sweet flavors, try their Barbecue and Teriyaki.

Not into wings? Perhaps consider their other specialties!

While wings may be the Tiger Winx’s nitty-gritty, they are also serving a variety of their specialties.

For the ones fueled by pasta, they offer two varieties: Pasta Shrimp Aglio Olio and Beefy Spaghetti. As someone who doesn’t often dine on pasta dishes, I instantly got hooked on their Pasta Shrimp Aglio Olio. This special delicacy will literally make you savor the rich flavor of garlic (aglio), oil (olio), and of course, the delectable shrimps. So good, so delizioso!

Moreover, fries enthusiasts can avail their Tiger Fries, Twister Fries, and Mojos served with just enough crispiness. Trying their desserts, particularly Chicken Macaroni SaladMug Cake, and Wicked Oreos, are also recommendable.

Astounding services? They got you!

More than the food per se, the 24-year old owner believes that maintaining a stellar quality of services is indeed essential.

“Maintaining good quality is very essential. That’s why I, together with my partners and Quality Manager (Mr. Kurt Lugtu), are very hands-on when it comes to kitchen preparation, sanitation, selection and purchasing of products, and of course, customer service.” 

In addition, Patrick shared that they aim to provide a good and positive environment where their staff can continue to grow. At the same time, they pursue to make it a place where customers would want to return while promoting great food and a pleasing ambiance. 

It actually gives a calming view, which is perfect for the ones who want a serene environment.

Since our target market before was students, we wanted the atmosphere of the restaurant to be comfortable but as we continued, we evolved and developed our image to suit the needs of the public.”

‘Green flag’ objectives!

More than the aforementioned attributes, there are definitely more reasons to support this restaurant. As a way of giving back, they often engage in social events and outreach programs. Also, they maintain a positive learning environment for their staff to promote continuous growth with the help of their business partners and peers.

Apparently, Patrick and the whole team maintain their services at top shape, while providing great comfort food that will surely leave a mark on the consumers. Just imagine the uproarious sound you can create in every bite of Tiger Winx’s signature specials.

Guess who’s now craving some goodies? It’s a perfect time to avail yourself of the special, yet roaring, products of Tiger Winx. You can visit them in any of their branches:

    1252 V. Concepcion, Sampaloc Manila (Near UST Dapitan)
    P. Noval Corner J. Barlin Street, Sampaloc Manila (Near UST P. Noval) 
    Merchan Street Barangay XI, Lucena City 
    Unit F ITC Commercial Building Panay Avenue corner Timog Avenue, Quezon City 

You can also order online by sending them a message on their socials. You may also order via Grab Food/Grab Pabili or FoodPanda. 

There you have it! Let the tiger bite your taste buds with Tiger Winx’s mouth watery signature specials!


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