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INSTAGRAM RAID: The stunning and talented Maris Racal

INSTAGRAM RAID: The stunning and talented Maris Racal

Do you know someone who can be so stunning and confident with a good sense of humor? I would say that all of those characteristics point to Maris Racal. Her confidence and poise will always be so encouraging for me. Aside from that, her talent to make the people around her laugh is also impressive.

Maris Racal is a Filipino actress, singer-songwriter, and vlogger. She came to fame in 2014 after joining Pinoy Big Brother: All in. Lately, she has been focusing on her music career and on her YouTube series, How To Move in 30 days. In her Instagram account, you will see how confident a woman she is and how she slays all of the photos in her feed.

Loving Her Beach Outfits

If you would ask Maris the famous question: Mountain or Beach? I am sure she would choose the beach, and her Instagram posts would justify that.

You can see how happy she is when she is at the beach whether for work or not. She is definitely a beach person.

Although she admitted to being nervous because of this first photoshoot at the beach, she still slays those beach outfits and poses.

Stunning OOTDs

One of the things that show how confident Maris Racal is, is her Outfit Of The Day photos.

In the next photos, she posted stunning OOTD photos she wore in different performances. Aside from showing off her OOTDs, we can ignore the fact that she wears these to perform on stage! We love a fashionable and talented queen!

Her love for music.

Aside from being an actress, she is also a great singer-songwriter. Just last year she released new singles such as Ate Sandali and Asa Naman distributed by Sony Music Philippines. She also collaborated with her boyfriend Rico Blanco to produce her new singles.

Of course, you can also see on her Instagram account how much she loves music and recording.

Bonus: She reminds us that pimples are normal.

Maris Racal's IG post about her pimple and not to be stressed about having one. This seems to be a sponsored post for the brand eskinol.

Maris Racal reminded us that pimples are normal when she posted this picture of her with a pimple on her cheek. Netizens still admire her beauty and thanked her for telling them that pimples are difficult to prevent as it is also normal to have.

Catch her other stunning photos that show confidence on her Instagram account, @mariesteller.

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