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INSTAGRAM RAID: Herlene Budol’s photos prove to us she is not a ‘Hipon’

INSTAGRAM RAID: Herlene Budol’s photos prove to us she is not a ‘Hipon’

When people eat shrimp, they remove the shrimp’s head and only eat the body. This is where Herlene Nicole Budol gets her nickname. Herlene Budol gained popularity when she joined one of the segments in Wowowin, a television show. With this show, her nickname “Hipon Girl” became popular.

According to her, people would call her “hipon” (shrimp in English) because she has a nice body but a “not-so-good” face. However, everyone who called her “hipon” was slapped really hard when she officially joined Binibining Pilipinas 2022. Her Instagram feed is also proof to us that she is not a “hipon“.

A real beauty even in the dark

How can people call her “hipon” with this kind of beauty that also shows even in the dark? In this Instagram photo, Herlene manages to show her beauty even in the darkness of the night.

You cannot tell she is a comedienne in this elegant black gown.

No one can tell she is actually a comedienne with this photo of her in an elegant black gown. With her braided pigtails, this photo of Herlene shouts beauty and elegance.

Herlene Budol can also manage to be cool while staying beautiful.

In this photo, Herlene sits on a motorcycle coolly. No one can tell otherwise but Herlene looks definitely a cool woman with that motorcycle.

Every dog lover is definitely a beauty with a heart.

Meanwhile, some of her Instagram photos are with her two dogs, TweTwe and Toti. She has a heart for pets, and that is definitely plus beauty points.

Herlene flaunts her body.

This is where everyone agrees. Herlene has an almost perfect body, and she is proud of it. When people have divisive opinions regarding her beauty, everyone can agree that Herlene has a nice body. Well, she flaunts them every time she has a chance.

In this Instagram post, Herlene is confidently showing skin by the beach, wearing a two-piece black swimsuit.

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Binibining Pilipinas Candidate Herlene Budol

Of course, we cannot forget how confidently Herlene joined this year’s Binibining Pilipinas. With her candidacy in Binibining Pilipinas 2022, Herlene proves to everyone she is a certified beauty queen.

Although she embraces her nickname to be “hipon”, she is definitely a confident gorgeous woman. Her simplicity, uniqueness, and personality prove that she is a beauty inside and out.

Catch her journey in Binibining Pilipinas 2022 and life updates on her Instagram account!

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