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New Vampire Movie ‘The Invitation’ Coming Out Soon

New Vampire Movie ‘The Invitation’ Coming Out Soon

A vampire movie filled with blood is nothing new to the film industry. However, as time goes by the genre has kind of deviated from history and the original customs within vampire lore. Still, it is always nice to watch something new. The Invitation, a vampire movie starring Nathalie Emmanuel, is set to make us grip the armrest of our theater seats from all the twists and turns.

A lot of vampire films recently have been more family-friendly so to say. They incorporate a lot of common themes such as romance, found family, and even comedy. But this time, The Invitation will show the fantasy behind the lore, as well as the horror that surrounds the undead.

Blood, kinship, and death

It cannot be called a vampire movie without the element of blood and death. And of course, vampires are known to have a tight bond with their kin, even forming covens and cults. I mean, I get it, they are the creatures of the Night, and they have to stick together or else their number dwindles from exposure.

Evie (Nathalie), is currently grieving the loss of her mom and that kind of weight makes her feel lonely. Using the modern DNA testing, she is able to find a distant cousin from England. Her cousin immediately asked her to come with him as there is an upcoming wedding in the family, and apparently, her relatives are excited to meet her.

What Evie did not expect is that her relatives are mega-rich. She is not financially well-off so seeing their family mansion takes her by surprise. Honestly, I think that by this time, anyone should be wary of families living in huge mansions. If there is anything to be learned from horror films- that is where bad things happen. So much space and area to do.. creepy stuff.

Oh well, Evie soon discovers that her relatives are not the usual family. They are a coven of vampires. They literally killed someone in front of her, drank their blood, and made her the bride of the man who was supposed to marry someone. Apparently that someone is her now.

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Modern Take on Vampire Lore

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People have been obsessed with the undead for decades now. Seems like out of every mythical creature, vampires are the most explored and featured. Probably because they are depicted as sexy, alluring, and rich creatures.

The Invitation is expected to show us all that and more. “Many customs that we take as ‘vampire rules’ are not from folklore so I decided to actually go back to the roots for some of the rules, which may surprise some audiences. I honored the lore and the history of the genre but gave it a fresh twist,” said Jessica Thompson, the film director.

Coming out soon in theaters this August 26.

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