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How the pandemic took my last teenage year

How the pandemic took my last teenage year

For the past few years, the COVID-19 pandemic has left us confined to our own homes. Unfortunately, the pandemic has prevented us from accomplishing many of our goals. There is also a saying that says, since we only have one life to live, we should live each day as though it were our last. But how are we going to accomplish that if we are confined to our houses where we are depressed and anxious due to the pandemic? Let me share with you my rants and frustration of being at home during my last teenage years. 

How the pandemic took my last teenage year

Keeps me from enjoying my last teenage year

For some people, this may not seem significant, but I believe that a person’s final year of adolescence may be the last time they have the opportunity to experience many things. We may enjoy our final year of teenagers by going out with our friends, traveling, and living it up without really giving any other responsibilities outside sutdying a second thought.

Furthermore, I’ve had to consider my future, my career, and being an adult ever since I turned 20. True, a person’s life can dramatically change overnight. I’m stuck at home and focusing on my studies rather than taking time to enjoy life before making important decisions about my future. I missed the opportunity to create lasting experiences with my friends. I felt disappointed that I had no memories of being a 19-year-old. Instead, the memories of waiting at home for my life to start back up will be what I will remember.

I can occasionally go out and see my friends at that time. But as of right now, at the age of only 21, I barely remember them at all. It breaks my heart knowing there is nothing I can do to make my last teenage year special.

Prevents me to experience an SHS graduation

It was fulfilling for me to graduate and march alongside my classmates. However, because of the pandemic, I was unable to do so and instead just had to stay at home to see my high school experience come to a close. I thought I was going to enjoy my senior year in high school with my friends and classmates. Since I’ll be starting college and need to concentrate on my studies, I intended to take full advantage of the experience.

Additionally, a lot of the people I knew had their most vivid memories from their high school years. Since I was alone, depressed, and waiting for the other day to come, I missed the opportunity to create more memories. It’s just sad to think that I just only have a few memorable experiences during high school.

Limits me from experiencing life as a college freshmen

One of the best college experiences, according to many, is being a freshman. But the pandemic prevented me from being able to experience what it’s like to be a college freshman. I was simply at home striving to get used to college life and the online learning setting. Instead of being welcomed by my seniors, I spent the entire half-day in front of my laptop. In actuality, I have only ever spent a brief amount of time at my university thus far.

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Also, being an introvert, it was challenging for me to interact and form friendships with my classmates. In fact, it takes me some time to become friends with my classmates. In addition, I still don’t get along well with several of my classmates still. I’m sitting here at home, still looking at my laptop, instead of taking advantage of and enjoying my time at college. The idea that things will remain the same in the upcoming academic year just adds to my sadness.

A time to reminiscence

It feels like my teenage years are being stolen because of the pandemic. I had no choice but to let everything out and look for the silver lining in what has happened. I got the opportunity to reflect and learn a lot about myself during those days, to say the least. But that is another story to be told. We had no idea when it would be time for us to take our masks off and resume our previous level of freedom. But I think there is a brighter light at the end of the tunnel every day.

Even though the coming months may be challenging for us, we will overcome them. I try to remember that even if I’m not making memories, I’m still did get through some pretty big changes. I develop greater courage, maturity, and appreciation. Self, prepare yourself for boundless enjoyment when I’m eventually freed back into a world without limitations. When this is all over, I’m going to celebrate. 

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