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Guilly Valenzuela, the Makeup Master, Unveiling 2024’s Trendsetting Looks

Guilly Valenzuela, the Makeup Master, Unveiling 2024’s Trendsetting Looks

When we talk about trendsetting looks, most of us think about Mr. GuillanoGuillyValenzuela and his makeup artistry. Due to that, he continues to beautify more people using his craft — helping to build more trending looks this 2024.

He is the maestro of beauty and makeup, as he uses brush strokes that can enhance and even alter each person’s features. Guilly has already mastered his craft of transforming people into their better selves even when he was still in the process of establishing his name and branding: Signature by Guillano.

He has been pioneering makeup trends long before. Moreover, he also sees a makeup trend as something bound to take the mainstream by storm. For him, it is a beauty technique that grabs everyone’s attention.

His bold exploration beyond neutral tones and innovative techniques challenges the norms of the usual makeup standards with each stroke of the brush. His inclusivity ensures everyone, regardless of skin tone, is satisfied with their makeup look for the day.

Indeed, Makeup Master Guilly Valenzuela lives up to his moniker, showcasing a penchant for experimentation in the realm of makeup!

For Guilly, a makeup trend is something you can already spot emerging and gradually making its way into the mainstream. And so, it is anticipated that it will become a huge hit.

He predicts that these five major makeup trends in 2024 will dominate the mainstream beauty industry.

1. Highlighted Skin

This is also known as ‘skin makeup‘ since it focuses on skincare. This skincare trend emerged during the 2020 pandemic era when many of us were in lockdown. Hence, there has been a rise in self-care and skincare content across social media platforms

“Nonetheless, this trend will still be “IN” and will not go anywhere else. Maybe because we realized that above anything else, we need to focus on our healthy skin before makeup. In fact, the more glowing skin, the better.”

Guilly Valenzuela in an interview with Village Pipol Magazine

Additionally, I wholeheartedly agree that taking care of our skin is important. When we feel good about ourselves, it reflects in how we present ourselves as we walk out and strut across the streets.

2. Blue Eye Shadow

Warm undertones have been our safe bet for eye makeup over the past decade. They work well with so many skin tones, but let’s face it—they’ve become a bit predictable. That’s where the Makeup Master, Guilly, steps in, showing us that it’s time to shake things up with some cool undertones.

And yes, you guessed it right—this is where the blue eyeshadow emerges, poised to be a HIT for this year!

3. Major Blush

If you’ve been caught up in using blushes from the past year, then you might find the major blush trend familiar. As noted earlier, individuals are prioritizing their skin, with many opting to invest in skincare products to promote a healthier and glowing complexion over the past 5 years.

So, it’s no surprise to Guilly that blushes are making a comeback to the limelight because they’re all about that healthy, glowing vibe. Furthermore, this makeup trend provides a healthy flush, giving people that coveted ‘soft girl’ look.

4. Grunge Makeup

This type of makeup simply focuses on the eyes. As mentioned in a previous article featuring our makeup maestro, he highlighted that the eyes are the most expressive part of our face. They have the power to completely alter our aura depending on their appearance.

This makeup look exudes an edgy vibe. As he mentioned during the interview, he said that punk rock is back! Furthermore, people should consider grunge makeup this year, as we’ve been seeing these looks on the runway.

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With your favorite pencil liner, give it a good smudge. Additionally, you can achieve this using your fingers or a pencil brush. Many others use the same brush to blend it precisely beneath the lashes for that smudged look.

5. Exaggerated Liner Lips

Finally, the fifth makeup trend is exaggerated liner lips. This marks the departure from the days of using nude lip shades.

It’s all about embracing something edgy, fun, and flirty this season. He suggests giving this look a try. Additionally, lined lips can be paired with a shiny gloss for that perfect finish!

As we embrace these trends, let us remember that makeup is not merely about enhancing our appearance. It’s also a means of expressing our unique individualities and embracing our creativity.

You can use one, two, or even three of these makeup trends to make up your look for the day. Furthermore, it’s important to note that there should be balance in your looks for it to become wearable outdoors.

In this, you can find which focal points you can use to enhance your overall appearance and express your creativity. It’s all about the balance, hun!

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