Introducing ‘Paulash Meltdown,’ a Spot-Correcting Makeup Remover

Paulash Meltdown

Paulash Philippines, a local brand, has finally unveiled its ‘Paulash Meltdown,’ a spot-correcting makeup remover designed to address makeup errors. Don’t stress about messing up your whole base just to correct one makeup mistake with Paulash‘s spot-correcting makeup remover!

Introducing ‘Paulash Meltdown,’ a Spot-Correcting Makeup Remover

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Truly a ‘no more makeup mishaps‘ because you can now easily correct unwanted mascara smudges, wrong eyeliner wing, messed up lipstick, you name it. Their specially designed applicator allows you to erase makeup mistakes and achieve a flawless look.

In a recent video by Pau Del Rio, the owner of Paulash Philippines, showcased the product to demonstrate its effectiveness.

Moreover, all it takes is a simple tissue to effortlessly wipe away any makeup errors, preserving your makeup base.

You see, these are common mishaps encountered while doing your makeup, especially when the product has already dried on your face. This new Paulash product not only effectively removes those mistakes but also prevents any disruption to your makeup base.

We all know that wet wipes cannot flawlessly remove those small errors. In that case, this is where Paulash Meltdown excels. It effectively melts down the makeup, making its removal and correcting a breeze.

Cost and Other Features

  1. Where can I get Paulash Meltdown?
  2. How much does it cost?
    • It’s currently priced at PHP 399, subject to changes based on discounts and promotions in their store.
    • Additional charges\Delivery fees may apply.
  3. When can I receive the product after placing my order?
    • Standard delivery typically takes 2-6 days from the order placement date.
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Other Features

This gel-based makeup remover is hypoallergenic and therefore, suitable for all skin types.

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It comes in a convenient 5 mL packaging that easily fits into your kikay kit. There’s no need to worry about makeup smudging; you can erase it anytime and anywhere with this holy grail.

The lightweight formulation of Paulash Meltdown will then keep your makeup clean and non-greasy compared to oil-based makeup removers in the market.

Another standout feature that distinguishes this product from other makeup removers is its spot-removal capability through its applicator, specifically designed to target small makeup mistakes.

Makeup mishaps are normal, but that doesn’t mean you have to endure them all day. Furthermore, with Paulash Meltdown priced at PHP 399, you can easily correct those mistakes— get yours while stocks last!
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