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Meet the New and Transformed Miss Charm

Meet the New and Transformed Miss Charm

Meet the New and Transformed Miss Charm

With many setbacks preventing it from staging its inaugural pageant, Miss Charm International is finally back and with a new look! Three years since it’s inception and now going by simply Miss Charm, it teases pageant fans with a brand-new announcement.

However, before we reveal the wonderful news, let’s take a second to quickly review Miss Charm’s short history.

What is Miss Charm International?

If you’ve been in the pageant circuit for quite some time now, then you’ve probably heard of Miss Charm International. Founded in 2019, this neophyte pageant based in Vietnam quickly grew interest within the industry.

With its glossy graphics and well-maintained social media pages, it was able to grab the attention of the fans. Not to mention that some of its contestants were crossovers from prestigious pageants like Miss Universe, so it had the potential to become well-known.

Setting the coronation the following year and with around 50 confirmed candidates, everything seems to be in full swing. However, in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic swept the world, affecting the lives of many. Because of its risk and the strict health protocol of staying indoors, Miss Charm International 2020 was postponed.

Several attempts were also made in 2021 and 2022 but to no avail.

Miss Charm X Metaverse

On September 10, Miss Charm released an important announcement. According to its essential message, Miss Charm plans itself to become the world’s first beauty pageant with both traditional and Web3-themed activities and selection criteria.

Furthermore, they share that “unlike others, the transformed Miss Charm – will pioneer the application of blockchain technology to bring more exciting value to delegates, sponsors, and audiences.”

In a video they posted recently, they presented their new “reality” format that they call Miss Charm Metaverse. To further engage on a global scale, they plan to hold new activities such as livestreams and mini games.

Updates regarding the pageant’s schedule, proposed date, and venue are yet to follow.

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