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Medicine Tips from TikTok Videos of Pharmacist Arshie Larga

Medicine Tips from TikTok Videos of Pharmacist Arshie Larga

Are you a fan of watching TikTok videos? Ever heard of PharmaTok? You might as well try to watch the videos of Arshie Larga, a Pharmacist TikToker who shares information about medicine through his contents. He studied BS Pharmacy at Centro Escolar University and is now a registered pharmacist.

Arshie is currently working at his family’s pharmaceutical store as a pharmacist. Creating TikTok content is what he does in his free time, and fortunately had the opportunity to earn from it. Recently, he got hired as an Ambassador of TM Tambayan (a Filipino cellular service brand).

Medicine Tips from TikTok Videos of Pharmacist Arshie Larga

Arshie Larga’s TikTok username is @arshielife. One of his viral videos is about raising awareness of the proper intake of medicine if you have a cough, cold, or fever which are the common symptoms of the flu.

Paracetamol intake should be every 4-6 hours if necessary, depending on your doctor’s prescription. Examples are Decolgen, Bioflu, Neozep, Alaxan FR, and Biogesic—they all contain Paracetamol so do not drink them together.

Another viral video was his content about providing free medicine to an old man. The man was actually struggling to compute the prescribed medicine for him and asked for a discount because he only had 1000 pesos left.

Fortunately, Arshie was the one who assisted the old man. Due to Arshie’s kindness, he gave the prescribed medicine for free and told the old man to treat it as his “Christmas gift”. People were touched by his kindness which made the video viral.

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Learn from Pharmacist Arshie

Did you know that LS BL Cream contains Ketoconazole (an anti-fungal) and Clobetasol (a steroid)? According to FDA Advisory No. 2019-388, LS BL Cream is a prescription medicine. Pharmacists are advised not to dispense the product without a written prescription. Incorrect use may result in worsening conditions and more.

Did you know that in another country they called Paracetamol as Acetaminophen? Another thing is that there is no precise pronunciation of medicines. It depends on which country you are in. These kinds of content are very useful to his audience especially since there are common things that people do not know about.

Arshie encourages people to have vaccines and take a booster shot to have protection from the COVID-19 virus. He reminds people that a booster shot is not mandatory, but he recommends it to have extra protection and boost the immune system.

If you are spending time on TikTok, might as well watch Arshie’s content and learn from him!

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