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What can we learn from the ‘Rajo Laurel vs Eva Le Queen’s debacle?

What can we learn from the ‘Rajo Laurel vs Eva Le Queen’s debacle?

Despite being a success thus far, Drag Race Philippines‘ first season has not been without its controversies. This is evident in the latest episode when fans of the show began to express their dismay, targeting alternating judge Rajo Laurel. The fashion designer got himself into public scrutiny after his set of remarks began to circulate online.

In the seventh episode, “Shop Shop Ladies Ball,” Laurel hurled explosives, specifically at Eva Le Queen, during judging. Calling her “Divi-divas” creation a “mortal sin”, “atrocity”, “ugly”, and “trash”, this clearly didn’t sit well with the viewers.

While many were glad that Eva didn’t sashay away, this, however, didn’t stop them from throwing shade against Laurel.

‘Fierce and Hard’ critiques generates Fiercer and Harder reactions

As one would expect, ‘Rajo’ became a trending topic on Twitter with everyone, including drag race contestants from around the world, chiming in.

For most fans, Rajo’s way of judging may have come across overbearing and borderline offensive. One user suggests that ramification of one’s words can break a person, even if it didn’t mean no harm.

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Another user calls out Rajo’s critiques as ‘unnecessary‘ and ‘unprofessional‘. Further saying that his comments does not encourage but rather invalidates creative freedom.

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Meanwhile, RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 14 contestant Jasmine Kennedie decided to react on the situation with this tweet.

Kandy Muse, a fellow RuPaul alumni, had no reservations when tweeting that she would have thrown a shoe at the judges.

This caught the attention of Laurel who candidly retweeted it with the caption, “SUBUKAN MO!!!!!”.

“I love you Eva La Queen, alam mo yan!”

In his defense, Rajo explains his side of the story in a series of tweets. Addressing the issue, he explains that everything he says on the show will always come from a “place of love”.

Further saying that his comments are meant to be meaningful, not mean.

All in all, he acknowledges his mistakes and has since apologized.

Turning over to Eva, in a tweet, she states that she feels extremely overwhelmed with the love and support she’s been receiving. She also shares that Rajo has reached out to her, patching this up and even inviting him to have dinner.

She ends her message by encouraging everyone to choose kindness, above all.

Lesson Learned: Speak your truth but speak it mindfully

With all this development, we can all just wish that all the tea is finally over. With everyone weighing their opinions on the matter, we pondered on the question, “what should we impart from all of this?”.

Let this also be a lesson to each and everyone of us that we may have right to speak our mind but do so sensitively. Although it’s not necessarily a negative thing to accept and be open to criticism, we must keep in mind that not everyone has a strong mind and strong sense of self-worth to process it right away. Nonetheless, regardless of its purpose, we should always keep in mind that words are strong, and we should not abuse its power.

At the end of the day, it is a competition and with the rush of adrenaline, emotions are bound to spill over. Let us all move forward and continue supporting our queens!

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