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Why I Listen to Music Whenever I Take a Shower

Why I Listen to Music Whenever I Take a Shower

Music never fails to capture my interest. As a matter of fact, in one of my articles, I hinted about my love for music. By the way, I wrote that article to express my appreciation for the three local podcast shows I listen to. Going back to music, I think the word love is too much and not enough whenever I describe music. I know it sounds a little weird but the point is: I cannot live without music. 

Music penetrates my world in its own marvelous way that other forms of art cannot seem to champion. It does have a strong presence in my life and it seems like it knows no bounds too. For instance, while I am writing this article, I am humming to the tune of Pink Venom by BLACKPINK. And, this is just one of the many times music visited or joined me in my mundane life. 

As I said, music seems to know no boundaries in my life as it also joins me in my shower. Yes, I listen to different playlists while l am drenched in water or lathered up with soap. Also, I am very much aware that I am not the only person who enjoys doing it. With that, here are the reasons why I always listen to music every time I shower.

Sets My Mood

Maybe taking a shower is just a simple personal task, but it does not have to be boring. So, I listen to the songs of my favorite artists—Taylor Swift, BLACKPINK, NCT, and more, – while I am showering. On the other hand, the combination of calming water and great music affects my mood. More specifically, listening to music brightens up my mood and makes taking a bath a satisfying experience.

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Boosts My Energy

I am one of those people who usually take a shower early in the morning. And, I am also one of those people who wakes up in the morning with little to no energy. So, as a music lover, I listen to upbeat songs while I am taking a shower to boost my energy. In this way, I also get to face my day with positive vibes and great enthusiasm.

Sparks Creativity

To be honest, I truly believe that all people possess creativity that comes from various sources. In my case, listening to music drives my imagination and it helps me to be creative. Just a quick trivia: I mostly form the best ideas whenever I am inside our bathroom. I believe the solitude it gives me helps direct my focus on my train of thought. Therefore, both the solitude that showering provides me and the music I listen to help spark creativity in me.

Music plays a huge part in making my daily life more productive, breathable, and livable. Moreover, listening to music makes my showering experience extra special and something to look forward to. It is safe to say that it will never be the same if the music does not exist in my life. So, what about you? What levels up your showering experience?

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