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Angelina Cruz and Kyle Juliano team up for ‘You Are The Reason’ cover

Angelina Cruz and Kyle Juliano team up for ‘You Are The Reason’ cover

Angelina Cruz and Kyle Juliano recently released their latest collaboration on Calum Scott’s hit single You Are The Reason last June 11. The single remains an anthem in celebrating special moments. This time, these two young Filipino artists share their fresh take on this chart-topping song. This year’s duet from these two multitalented young artists remains highly anticipated among their listeners.

Angelina Cruz and Kyle Juliano team up for You Are The Reason cover

Hailing from a family of singers and showbiz personalities, Angelina also released her lovely rendition of the Orange and Lemons classic Hanggang Kailan (Umuwi Ka Na Baby) a couple of years ago. Audiences received the song well, reaching close to 10-million streams on Spotify.

On the other hand, Kyle Juliano remains known for his heartfelt compositions. He never fails to release singles that reach hundreds of thousands to millions of streams. This, of course, makes him this generation’s Spotify sensation. He has accumulated a massive 45-million streams on Spotify. Meanwhile, his 2017 hit single Crashing has become a favorite among his listeners, with a total of 13-million streams since its debut. His Ay’ Na Ko’g Labda also won at the 32nd Awit Awards as Best Regional Recording.

With Angelina’s brand of feel-good sound and Kyle’s soulful serenades, this duo will surely tug at your heartstrings with their own rendition of You Are The Reason. 

Stream Angelina Cruz and Kyle Juliano’s You Are The Reason cover here:

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