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My Favorite English Song Covers by K-Pop Artists

My Favorite English Song Covers by K-Pop Artists

English song covers were typically only released by K-pop artists with foreign blood, those who have studied or lived abroad, or both. However, at the moment, every K-pop artist has been covering English songs to reach international fans. K-pop artists have released these wonderful covers as a thank-you gift to their fans.

In no particular order, I have listed some of my favorite English song covers by my favorite K-Pop artists. These songs might be your favorites, too. Many of these releases can be found on YouTube but let me give you a brief review of each cover song.

Can’t take my eyes off of you

NCT’s JAEHYUN recently released his cover of Frankie Valli’s iconic hit “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”. Jaehyun gave this song a unique touch, and he flaunted his vocal range covering the song.

Jaehyun said on his bubble that many of his fans had been requesting another cover, and since “Can’t Take My Eyes off of You” was one of his favorite songs, he wanted to sing it for them before the weather got colder. True to that, his cover song gives fans warm, cozy, familiar, and warm feelings.


Chenle and Jisung of NCT Dream recently covered Troye Sivan’s YOUTH. Their voices blend to create harmony, with Jisung’s raspy baritone complimenting Chenle’s angelic high notes.

This song has a deeper meaning for fans, in addition to the two singers’ fantastic vocals. Given that they left their homes at a young age, the song Youth fit in well with their life stories. They spent their youth together, creating a chaotic brotherhood. Fans cannot help but be moved by their loving friendship and “Youth” cover.


Seventeen‘s Seungkwan and rapper Lee Youngji collaborated to create a rendition of Lizzo’s hit song “Juice,” which fits well with their upbeat personalities. They were able to show off their talents and chemistry on stage. I loved the energy this pair brought to the performance, and their vocals complemented one another well. Give it a listen, and you will surely love it

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Love yourself

BOL4 Ann Ji Young, Woo Ji Yoon, and Henry Liu collaborated for an exceptional live performance of Justin Bieber’s hit song “Love Yourself,” with Henry playing the violin and Woo Ji Yoon playing the guitar. Henry and Ahn Ji Young sang a beautiful duet highlighting their melodic voices. Moreover, this song cover was great since it showcased their singing abilities and their instrumental prowess.

I like me better

Surely, almost every K-pop fan knows ‘I LIKE ME BETTER’ covered by JAEHYUN of NCT. I loved the combination of Jaehyun’s incredible singing voice and the boyfriend vibe he exudes in the accompanying music video, which shows him strolling the streets of London and Paris.

The song fits his vocals and boyfriend-like visual. And it did not just bring new fans to the fandom but also captured the original singer’s, Lauv, attention.

Not only do these K-pop stars have incredible vocals, but their clear, precise pronunciation and enunciation also contribute greatly to the quality of their cover songs. I can relate to the emotions of the song and the joy they seem to be feeling as they sing. These are just a few amazing English song covers by K-Pop artists, and I really do want you to listen to them! Which of these songs do you like? Tell us in the comment!

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