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Listen to music and answer calls in style with FLEEK Blaze Lite Smart Eyewear

Listen to music and answer calls in style with FLEEK Blaze Lite Smart Eyewear

Wearing FLEEK Blaze Lite Smart Eyewear

With FLEEK Blaze Lite, you will feel as if you’re wearing a pair of stylish sunglasses and headphones with just one product. The smart eyewear technology allows you to listen to music and answer calls in style with its open-ear speakers near the tip of the glasses.

If you are looking for the opposite of noise-canceling audio output devices, this product is a must-have. Whether you’re working out, walking, or in active mobility, the design provides safety. This is because you can now listen to sounds from your phone and your surroundings at the same time.

On the packaging, FLEEK listed Blaze Lite’s features: open ear, polarized, touch function, music, Bluetooth 5.0, and phone calls.

FLEEK Blaze Lite Smart Eyewear Review

Sound and Music Quality

Blaze Lite Features: Open Ear Design

Blaze Lite has 2x open-ear speakers. When I tried it out, I was impressed with its sound and music quality. It retains its good quality and at the same time, it doesn’t hurt my ears. This product comes with pros and cons. If your goal is to enjoy music with deep bass or complicated instruments, your traditional earphones or headphones work better. But if you want to wear a pair of sunglasses and don’t want the hassle of wearing an output audio device on top of that, then this product is for you.  

When you play it at a higher volume, the person next to you would be able to hear the music you play or the other end of the call. Just something to keep in mind. Other than that, I can see myself using it indoors and outdoors. It satisfies me how I can listen to music while being aware of my environment.

UV400 Polarized Lens and Style

When it comes to style, Blaze Lite serves its purpose. I got the ember red variation and I like it. Aside from being stylish, it just gives off cool vibes, as if I’m ready for the beach. My cousin, who also tried and modeled the product, share the same thoughts.

FLEEK advertised its lens as “better and safer viewing” and you get just that. According to its product feature, “polarized sun lenses can reduce glare, filter light and effectively protect your eyesight.” I compared it to a normal pair of dark sunglasses and the difference when it comes to color is obvious. Blaze Lite’s lens makes your sight look vibrant.

My only problem is that the brand only offers one size for this smart eyewear. As someone with a small face, the pair feels a little big.

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Touch Function and Connectivity

You can utilize the touch function that you can find on the temples. The package comes with a manual that tells you how it functions. To change the volume, you can hold the touch surface to make it softer and tap it to make it louder until you reach the desired sound. If someone calls, tap twice to answer, and tap thrice to decline. When I tried it out, it works just as described. Just be careful because they’re sensitive so you might accidentally change the settings just by touching or adjusting your glasses.

Powered by Bluetooth 5.0, FLEEK guarantees high-quality music and phone calls with wireless connectivity. I had experience with wireless devices and some of them take ages to pair and connect. I never had a problem with Blaze Lite. It connects within seconds and lets me do whatever I want afterward.

Overall Product

The package includes Blaze Lite Smart Eyeglasses, a microfiber cloth, a gray leather case, a charging cable, and an easy-to-understand manual.

I tested the product both indoors and outdoors and I’m satisfied with the overall quality. Upon discovering smart eyewear, I’ve been interested to try it out. My research showed me other brands that sell the same technology but Blaze Lite’s selling point is its price. At a decent cost, it’s definitely not low quality and it doesn’t disappoint. I love the concept of either chilling or staying active while wearing Blaze Lite. I recommend it – it’s perfect both for yourself and for your loved ones if you’re looking for a valuable gift. 

Blaze Lite is the third and latest product in FLEEK’s Smart Eyewear Collection. FLEEK lets you pick from its three available colors: shadow, ocean blue, and ember red. Compared to their first two products, this is by far the cheapest at ₱‎1,499.00. Treat yourself by availing it at FLEEK’s website, Shopee, or Lazada stores.

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