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Cherry Bar Express serves chill vibes and snacks

Cherry Bar Express serves chill vibes and snacks

Milk tea shops are popping up everywhere, it’s really popular for a long time now and it’s getting much cheaper. I have lived most of my life in Sta. Maria, Bulacan, and I can say I am still discovering places, shops, and restaurants here. I don’t usually go outside, that’s why.

Recently, my best friend recommended a place that we should check out. Cherry Bar Express is a milk tea shop near my former school around F. Santiago St. Sta. Maria, Bulacan. The shop was new with its pink pop theme and chill vibes, spending time there sure is relaxing.

Cherry Bar, my new go-to place

Ever since we discovered Cherry Bar Express, it became my go-to place whenever I’m in Sta. Maria. I rest there, I eat there, and I go there to hang out with my friends. The ambiance is stylish. It gives off Japanese cafe vibes because of the Cherry blossoms and neon lights decorations. Cherry Bar Express really went out with their cute decorations and for me, it is very eye-pleasing and Instagram-worthy.

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The shop serves a variety of foods aside from its signature milk teas and frappucinos. They have unlimited chicken wings for PHP 289, as well as loaded rice bowls that range from PHP 130 to PHP 150. Loaded goodies such as nachos, burgers, and pasta ranges from PHP 99 to PHP 229. Cherry Bar’s Frappucherry and Bubble Tea are their best sellers. The frappe cost only PHP 149 regardless of type and flavor while the bubble tea ranges from PHP 109 to PHP 120.

My personal favorite from their milk tea menu is their strawberry cheesecake and alcapone cheesecake. I also love their Hershey’s symphony frappe. Cherry Bar Express is a good place to date your lover and hangs out with friends after school or work, it is a nice place to chill.

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