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Blackout: How Losing Power Gains Life Realities

Blackout: How Losing Power Gains Life Realities

Black is such a plain, yet lovely color but it screams fear when it appears in our homes. Given the society that we live in, blackouts are an inevitable problem. Power loss could happen anytime and anywhere. And if it occurs, I hope you see it as a glimmer of opportunity to appreciate the life ahead of us.

In the Philippines, people have developed a sense of readiness regarding power outages. Just from opening cabinets, high chance is there is a supply of candles and matchsticks. This a routine that most Filipinos love to do, but after a blackout, everyone sleeps while there are many things that people could experience.

Dinner during a blackout

Accepting the reality, not all people, even at this age, have access to electricity. So definitely, dinner becomes an opportunity for each member to share one dinner and one candle. This blackout proves how families could quickly come together despite the lack of light that does not prevent one from coming together every night.

Blackout makes a silver lining for most of us, significantly since fear rises through the darkness. It creates a chance for people to learn that no wonder we strive for independence; we all have an Achilles’ heel to depend on light and the people around us. And this event makes people vulnerable just enough to open up with their loved ones during a blackout.

An outdoor walk while under the moon and stars

When electricity disintegrates, the temperature will affect our homes’ interiors. It will upscale extreme warmth inside; if you are lucky, you could enjoy an outdoor walk. Just bring your flashlights, and you can enjoy the evening breeze while gazing under the moon and stars.

No wonder people forget the existence of spectacular events in the night sky. People become busier as they get older all their lives. And as we all live inside the comfort of our homes, we become workers of this world. And if we experience another blackout, it will never be the same.

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Meanwhile, perhaps as a child, we all have crazy memories during blackouts. It might be fun, but it is a reality that yields a person and family to see life differently. Without light, we struggle to see but in what ways do you think you could develop this into an opportunity?

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