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Tiktok Makeup Artist Abdur Balono is Bringing Fantasy to Reality

Tiktok Makeup Artist Abdur Balono is Bringing Fantasy to Reality

Abdur has shown incredible skill with his makeup techniques in creating fantasy makeup looks. As well as, glamour.

Photo Credits: Instagram/@bdrbln

Abdur Balono

Abdur Balono is a 19-year-old, Davao-based makeup artist. Known for his outlandish makeup looks, Abdur has created several mesmerizing works, making his face his own canvas to showcase his skill in conceptual fantasy makeup. Other than that, Abdur makes heads turn as he takes turn dipping between, glamour, and fantasy or horror, and fairytale.

The Great Makeup Works of Abdur

Abdur creates his work with various inspirations, he might take inspiration from a character or a song. There is no limit to what or where his mind will take ideas from. Without a doubt, he, and his brilliant mind, along with his skill is continuously pouring out ideas upon ideas of fantasy makeup looks to share with the world.

Abdur’s range is truly unmatched, we see him in looks that exude glamour. Crystals, rhinestones, and a sleek smokey eye will get you caught in a trance. Alternatively, Abdur also sparks shock with his extravagant concepts. Enchanting fairies, ethereal goddesses, and horrific monsters are in his vast array of head-turning looks. Reaching beyond just two ends, Abdur undoubtedly reimagines the power of a brush and makeup.

Photo Credits: Instagram/@bdrbln

More from Abdur

Abdur is still quite underrated for someone of his skill. I hope to see more of him in other features. There are more artists like him I know, and Tiktok has paved the way for artists like him to showcase their skills creatively and widen their reach to inspire more aspiring artists to keep creating the work that they will be proud of.

Now that we’re in an age that allows everyone to explore makeup, more and more creators are getting their shot at recognition. Furthermore, more young artists are able to see themselves in the beauty industry. In addition, allowing creators like Abdur to thrive, paves the way for people of various identities to feel welcomed in an industry that celebrates individuality.

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