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How to save yourself from darkness?

How to save yourself from darkness?

Darkness pales in comparison to evil. When people hear this word, all they can think of is death, distractions, spirits, stress, and many more but, darkness on the other hand, only comes to those who attract it.

Humans, especially those who are struggling, fears darkness yet also believe in it. During these instances, even though they may not admit it, their problems deteriorate to the point where they are unsure of how to solve it.

As a matter of fact, it is true that dealing with darkness is never easy since it can strike not only at home but also at school, work, and—worst of all—from within. However, it is truly in nature of a person to have an excellent ability to come up with a solution to every difficulty they encounter.

Here are three (3) efficient strategies you can practice to protect yourself from the darkness.

1. Talk to our Creator

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As we can observe, it is a common idea among us that before doing something good or terrible, we should first consult God. In this period, people can frequently go to a nearby chapel, church, or other holy place to seek a divine advice on whether or not what they are considering would undoubtedly result in good for them.

2. Fight the darkness

Now that you’ve had a chance to visit Him, it’s time for you to fight that darkness. Here, keep in mind that you should concentrate on the solution rather than the issue because it won’t even matter how hard you try to battle these problems because they already exist.

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What you need to do here is to recognize your strengths and use them as a means to counteract the darkness that oftentimes haunts you. Aside from that, your weakness might even be a strength for you in a sense that, instead of being coward because of it, use it as a courage for you to conquer it.

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3. Ask help from your friends or family

This may sound like degrading to other but asking help isn’t bad at all. Asking for this only entails that you are interested in hearing someone else’s ideas or opinions on your issue.

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In fact, they are not a stranger, they are your friends and family. Don’t be shy asking them what to do and what not to do. Bear in mind that family and friends are both a treasure and who knows if they are the ones who can fully help you address the darkness living into you.

It’s always about making a move, pal. Remember that “a small move is still a move“. May it be slow or fast, effective or not, at least you aren’t just sitting there waiting for that darkness to wholely eat you.

You are awesome and you don’t deserve experiencing this. Always fight for yourself because at the end of the day, your decision is what will matter. Darkness is just a thing living in our minds, let us not entertain it, so it won’t make our life miserable. We can do this, surely, we can!

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