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Tips on how you can get over a ‘Friendship Breakup’

Tips on how you can get over a ‘Friendship Breakup’

It is pretty natural for people to drift away, even in common friendships. Some factors involve distance, conflict, miscommunication, and growing up. There are several reasons to enumerate. But what hurts the most is when we get nothing in response to it, aside from breaking apart.

When we hear the word breakup, we usually think of something romantically involved, right? But what if I told you we can also experience a breakup among friendships? Have you also encountered that bittersweet feeling?

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Platonic is as painful as romantic

Regardless of the months or years spent with your friends, it can be hard to get over that painful feeling. Especially when that platonic person is supposedly bound in our lives for life. Someone to rely on, somebody to share your secrets, and their ups and downs. Yet, those same peers unexpectedly ended with a tragedy.

Break the ache! Let me share some tips on how you can get over a friendship breakup.

Explore and expand your interests

Friendships are usually formed through common interests and whatnot. If you’re repeating the same cycle in investing time that reminds you of your ex-friends, then it is not helping. Sometimes, it is nice to discover and enjoy different explorations that can fulfill your entertainment needs. Take a break and swerve a little!

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Prioritize self-love and independence

There are times when we tend to give too much to our friendship. We pour all of our love, our support, our care, our money, our everything. Until we have no more left to spare; the next thing we know, we find ourselves drowning down the drain. In line with this, always remember that your mental health matters. Choose yourself before you choose others.

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Avoid showing vulnerability

If they broke your trust, then do not show them your weak side. It may only result in manipulation and worse actions to take advantage of your vulnerability. Do not beg for their attention, because a real friend will always show kindness and equality within your bond. Who needs friends when they’re only full of sh*t, right? It’s best to be alone rather than keep up with that toxicity.

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Lower your expectations

We engage in friendships with people for several reasons. One of them is because we find similarities and comfort within, so we do things that might make them stay. We try to be the best buddy whom they can rely on, expecting that they would do the same. Unfortunately, that is not how it always works. Thus, we should lower down our expectations and not revolve our world around them.

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Let time heal the wounds

No pain can instantly heal in a flash; may it be physically, emotionally, or mentally. Let time heal the wounds that came from the scars of a wrecked friendship. If you cannot help but grieve and look back, then it’s perfectly fine to let your emotions out. Just remember that it should not last forever in order to take a step forward.

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Facing reality

As the saying goes, “the truth hurts,” and indeed it is. Once we separate ourselves from that so-called friendship, we need to face the reality that we must accept. Make that sting into a blink of hope and happiness for future friendships with other people to encounter. Also includes turning failures into lessons that we can do well as we carry on for a brand new chapter.

Who knows if you are feeling lucky? You might even find the closure that you’ve been looking for someday. But for now, it is best to focus on the present and fix yourself to be a better individual.

Are you currently nursing a broken heart caused by friends turning into dust? If so, then I would like to tell you that you are doing great! It may hurt at first, but trust me, it gets better in the end. Everyone deserves the true friendship that we are yearning for 🙂

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