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5 Euphoria Character Looks Good For Euphoric Change of Style

5 Euphoria Character Looks Good For Euphoric Change of Style

Photo | euphoria & @maudeapatow/Instagram

You cannot watch a series without noticing what the actors wear. Wardrobes are vital to solidifying a character’s identity. Euphoria, the HBO drama series, knows that perfectly as they serve viewers with alluring visuals and vogue. To prove that, let us check these five Euphoria outfits slayed by selected characters—Rue, Jules, Maddy, Kat, and Fezco to achieve a euphoric style transformation below.

Rue’s Comfy Tee

Rue gives us nothing but the cozy side of fashion. Since her eventful life involves a lot of running away, this oversized graphic tee sure leaves Rue more room to breathe. If you feel suffocated with your current style, you should give this simple yet stylish tee a try. After all, there is nothing more euphoric than a comfortable tee that makes you feel free.

Photo | euphoria/Twitter

Fezco’s Perfect Polo

Looking unbothered as always, Fezco usually prefers sporting a chill look like this printed polo shirt. He and Rue are friends—both living their lives low-key and risky. No wonder their fashion sense both goes from gentle to graphic. If you rather wear simple yet fancy clothes, you should go for this outfit—something neat to beat.

Kat’s Grunge Look

Kat’s unexpected glow-up in the show gave her nothing but confidence. Empowering her to flaunt the hidden sexiness she truly possesses. This figure-hugging zebra mesh top and vinyl mini skirt combination scream body positivity. So if you want to transform while taking pride in your own skin, give this grunge a go.

Maddy’s Sparkly Set

Maddy once said, “90% of life is confidence.” Well, her winter formal look says otherwise—confidence is life. Known to proudly show her skin here and there, Maddy showed up wearing a shimmering mesh hollow rhinestone top and skirt set. All prepped up in a true glitz and glam fashion for a night to remember. If you like a more provocative transformation, look for this outfit and do it the Maddy way.

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Jules’ Dreamy Satin and Sheer Ensemble

For the lack of a more suitable word, Jules possesses creative prowess. Her out-of-this-world style indeed inspires beauty and edge. Something she exhibited in this satin pants and bralette set leveled up with a sheer jacket outfit. If you aim for a dreamy and edgy evolution, you should give this attire a try.

Go out of your comfort zone with these Euphoria looks! A little bit of change will not hurt, right?

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